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2016-05-07 03:55:42 Author: manager

TimeToDraft starts its regular search to pick up the best captain for the upcoming Premier League weekend action.

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2016-04-21 12:42:24 Author: manager

Fantasybet is a place for its unusual tournaments. We decided to make the freeroll for the next EPL match day different again, and with a bit of luck you can win big here.

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2016-04-15 16:58:35 Author: manager

TimeToDraft presents a series of unique tournaments based on the Premier League with free entry and £25.00 prize pool that will last through the end of the season.

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2016-04-05 04:00:36 Author: manager

TimeToDraft speaks about everything you need to know ahead of the quarterfinal stage of the main European cup competition.

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2016-04-04 18:03:15 Author: manager

TimeToDraft team just loves its readers! So we decided to give you another reason to get excited.

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2016-03-29 16:05:41 Author: manager

The second article of the series is dedicated to the key moments of team selection while playing fantasy football tournaments on FanTeam.

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2016-03-28 14:33:38 Author: manager

It’s time to launch a series of articles with a close look at fantasy football team’s creation. Let’s start with a general concept and later move on to specific fantasy platforms.

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2016-03-22 15:00:52 Author: manager

​TimeToDraft reviews the most important events of the Premier League Gameweek 31, the weekend that buried Manchester City’s title dreams.

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2016-03-19 00:49:56 Author: manager

Here is a comprehensive guide to captain selection for EPL Gameweek 31 from TimeToDraft.

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2016-03-18 18:35:30 Author: manager

TimeToDraft looks into the latest matches of the Champions League round of 16, which proved to be emphatic and lacking common sense.

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2016-03-14 19:09:49 Author: manager

It seems like the Champions League play-off has just started, yet it’s time to sum up the round of 16 results. TimeToDraft will give you an insight on the last matches and help you pick the right players for fantasy tournaments.

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2016-03-12 03:02:29 Author: manager

Only five matches will be played in the EPL gameweek 30, but there is still some room for fantasy scouting.

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2016-03-10 18:21:03 Author: manager

Nothing new: the best attacking players score goals and make assists, the best defensive lines manage clean sheets and fantasy tournaments are won by those who concede fewer mistakes than rivals.

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2016-03-10 12:25:25 Author: manager

This time around we present an article about effective use of defensive stacking.

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2016-03-09 15:54:49 Author: manager

TimeToDraft.com analyst Oleg Smolerov launches a series of texts about stacking.

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2016-03-02 19:09:14 Author: manager

Have you been a successful gambler for a long time? Then you’ve got to try to play Fantasy Sport.

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2016-03-01 17:21:24 Author: manager

You have nothing to do in the NBA fantasy tournaments without this text.

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2016-02-29 19:14:18 Author: manager

Timetodraft.com reveals how to avoid typical mistakes and start winning in Daily Fantasy Sport.

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2016-02-29 04:16:38 Author: manager

According to most researchers, the history of Fantasy sport goes back to 1962.

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2016-02-28 02:46:23 Author: manager

​TimeToDraft explains the importance of profound understanding of the scoring system to Daily Fantasy success, illustrated through Fanaments.com platform.

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