Week 2 NFL: New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills Rivalry

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New York Jets lost against the Bengals last week (week one of NFL) with only one painful point difference. It was a rough game and the fans still have high hopes for the team's performance.

There are some injuries NY Jets will have to deal with before Thursday. Jordan Jenkins hurt on his calf did not participate in the team’s practice on Monday an Tuesday. The same did Bryce Petty who is hurt on his right shoulder. Darryl Roberts injured on his foot seems to recover well, and even if he didn’t practice Monday , he did Tuesday.

Jets will wear all white uniforms in the game against Bills.

The Jets offense and defense are looking good. Hopefully for them they can keep it that way and win from the Bills Thursday.

Buffalo Bills Status

Buffalo Bills started the new season losing to the Baltimore Ravens with 13 points to 7.

Regarding the injuries they have less players injured than New York Jets has, but more serious, keeping the injured players from participating in the practice.

Colt Anderson, Cordy Glenn, Sammy Watkins, Jerel Worthy did not practice Monday and Tuesday either and it is very likely that they won’t play against the Jets, or their participation in the game will be limited. Sammy needed to have foot surgery in the offseason and he only has one more day to recover. He could be allowed to rest more to restore his health, but that means he won’t play in the coming game against the Jets.

Charles Clay and Jim Dray are making progress with getting better. Despite not practicing Monday, they did Tuesday and that is a good sign for the Bills.

The Bills offense is not looking that well since they were dominated by the Ravens in week one. Instead, they compensate with a strong defense. Hopefully for them and for their fans, their defense will be strong and aggressive enough to deny the Jets to score points against them.


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