​​​$10.000 by 333 days. Pound exchange rate as main player of week

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A post where there will be unusually few stories directly about fantasy football.

I think everyone has already heard about the referendum in the UK by now, which resulted in the decision to leave the EU. It is a huge surprise, for many of the powerful ones in the world argued before the voting that the exit of UK from the EU is highly unlikely, and reinforced their arguments by serious investments in pound sterling. Another important trigger is the bookmakers quotes. Many of them assessed the probability of the UK's exit from the EU only as 10%. Where will the Brexit (this is how the UK's exit from the EU has been called) lead is a great mystery by itself. Brexit could mean an end to the era of prosperity for the English Premier League, because many of foreign players will have to leave the country under the new labor legislation. The quotes of the European and British banks have been badly shaken, and uncertainty prevails in the financial world.

Why am I even telling all this? Because Brexit affected my marathon very severely. The dollar strengthened against the euro and the pound sterling both, and the account is maintained precisely in euro and pounds on all the sites where I play —mainly in pounds, and the pound has collapsed the hardest falling against the dollar to 1.33 (the lowest rate for last 30 years). As a result, after profiting by €270+ during the week, I was even losing money in the marathon! The charts may be explored below.

But the time has come to talk about fantasy-football in our political blog. As a start, let's talk about the Full Round-tournaments, in the teams for which I was one hundred percent sure. The key national teams under the peaks of the players were selected to be Germany, France, Wales and England with a small correction to Spain (Alba) and Belgium (de Bruyne). I tried to play for the French "hardtack", but I wasn't too good. I believed in the attacking potential of the Germans, and Muller had nothing to show and Ozil did not realize the penalty. I doubted in the scoring potential of the Icelanders and I got two goals from them. I was sure about the participation of Payet in the goals of the French, but I was mistaken here again. It was difficult to wait for success with this kind of teams.

And now let's talk about something that helped me to profit. The major part of the managers underestimated two players this week— Antoine Griezmann and Wayne Rooney. It was these two friends that provided me with profit in one-day tournaments. Everyone was collecting Spanish-English stacks and often forgot about Rooney on Monday. The managers somehow frantically ignored Griezmann on Sunday and paid for that. I'm also enclosing the winning team from two specialized sites.

One could expect a great disaster with such a shabby Full Round-team at FantasyBet, but my favorite flashes helped me out as the tradition goes. I confidently took the first place by a margin of 10 points in BIG EURO FLASH for £22 due to a defensive stack of Welsh and Belgian band of de Bruyne — Azhar — Meunier. The 2nd place out of 57 managers in MICRO FLASH for £0.55 was a nice bonus. Some other heroes were here: Blaszczykowski, Bale, Srna, Hennessy and the aforementioned super ace Griezmann were successful besides Azhar and Williams.

Failing teams under the Full Round-tournaments have also had an impact on seasonal fantasy at FantasyBet — I have lost the leadership position here, and the struggle begins anew.

By the way, Kopa still managed to finish on a positive note. I had stayed late into the night on the day of the match for the 3rd place, therefore I spotted a solid overlay in tournament of USA — Columbia for €11. Only 6 people laid claim to the guarantee of €150, and I became the 7th. The US team never bothered Sergio Romero at all in the semifinal match with the Argentines, and I boldly admitted the attacking potential of this team to be zero. A Colombian defensive stack was easily drawn here. Imagine my astonishment the next morning, when I was the only one of the participants who have chosen this approach to the collection of the team. An easy victory and €97.50 into the piggy bank.

And now all I have to do is to attach the complete list of tournaments at FanTeam and FantasyBet.


This time I chose a story about PremierPunt for the focus. Obviously, the Euro-2016 site was unable to be successful. It started with the guarantees of £1000 for the Full Round-tournaments and there were wild overlays, which helped me to profit greatly, but the site couldn't attract a great amount of players and there are no guarantees at it nowadays. The last Full Round-tournament had a guarantee of £200 and the overlay there was minimal. In the absence of more or less good game and a not very user friendly interface, I decided to draw the bankroll from it, because keeping £500+ there at the approximate buy-ins £5-7 pounds was useless. The first payment on Skrill happened pretty fast and did not raise any issues, but I had to wait 5 days for the second draw. It should be noted that the tech support constantly communicated with me all that time and offered to draw money by other methods. But I needed those Skrills in particular, so I agreed to wait a few days. There were some issues with the access to the Skrill-account, but in the end the payment was finally made. Anyway, the site seems to be pretty reliable in this matter, so if something happens, don't get frustrated and immediately communicate with the technical support, where they will explain everything to you in detail.


The charts of the bankrolls at FanTeam and FantasyBet went up, and the overall chart of the marathon went down. The situation is unpleasant, but I don't really believe that the pound will continue such a rapid downfall. The situation should stabilize soon, so it makes sense to just wait. If we've got a tough drawdown due to the exchange rates now, the next time we may get a nice bonus for it.

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