Choosing perfect captain for the last 16 of Euro-2016

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Euro-2016 has come to its last 16, and TimeToDraft will naturally find the best captain at this stage of the tournament, too.

The captain's offer for the 3rd day of Euro-2016 offered to award the leaders of the Portuguese attack, Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani, with the captain's armband. If you have chosen the first one, then you hit the jackpot; and if you have chosen the second one, then you don't have to be upset, too.

Let's proceed to the play-offs, where there is also something to think about.

Matches not worth seeking captain in

Switzerland — Poland. A hard match at three results, where the teams that missed one ball for two in the group stage, and that with a penalty, are encountering each other. At the same time, there is a number of considerable players from both sides led by Lewandowski, Milik, Shaqiri and Dzemaili, but perhaps these candidates should not be considered at such a blatant defensive orientation of the teams. As for the guards, Rodriguez and Piszczek stand out here, but not enough to trust them with the captain's armband.

Croatia — Portugal. Portugal's national team has given out three ambiguous matches in the group stage, from which the only thing is clear: Ronaldo hit, hits and will hit. It remains only to find out whether his hitting will achieve the goal as stable as in the match against Hungary. Based on the wild attacking potential, Cristiano has to be considered as a hypothetical captain, but the Croatians with their victory over the Spanish basis make one think seriously about the feasibility of such a decision. Ivan Perisic proved that the «checkers» can not only defend qualitatively, but also can attack very effectively. There are definitely some prospective players in fantasy terms in this meeting, but it is difficult to make a clear choice in terms of the captain here.

Italy — Spain. The Spaniards met with the Italians three times in the play-off stage of major tournaments for the last 8 years and always won (Euro-2008, Confederations Cup-2013, final of Euro-2012), with two victories in the penalty shootout following the zero draws in regular time. Judging by the playing style of the Italians in the first two matches Antonio Conte will play a zero drawn game this time too, so do not expect any scoring extravaganza from this match.

England — Iceland. Iceland's national team is the «Lester» of the international football. The islanders made absolutely everyone fall in love with them and rightfully came out in the playoffs by playing three quality matches in the group stage. But now the Icelanders have a problem: the English national team has been good in all three games in the group, and always put its opponents behind by the gaming performance. The «three lions» will approach the playoff full of power, and it's definitely worth to consider them for captaincy, but the problem remains the same: who particularly will receive the captain's armband? In fact, there are reliable options apart from Wayne Rooney, but his position closer to the field center makes him less attractive as a captain.

Matches worth seeking captain in

Wales — Northern Ireland. The North Irish have given the worst attacking performance of all the participants of the last 16, that's why it is very possible to have a clean sheet in this meeting. But at the same time the Northern Ireland's national team does not make one happy with the reliability in defense, therefore one of the pair of Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale may count on the captaincy. The Welsh are seen as obvious favorites of the pair, therefore their best players are bound to be present in the final statistical table.

France — Ireland. The national team of the Republic of Ireland jumped in the play-offs by winning over the reserve Italian team in the last minutes — not the greatest achievement considering the fact that the Belgians just «dragged» them on the 2nd day. The French will be the clear favorite in this match, that's why the captain from the «three colored» will be an excellent solution for the upcoming day.

Germany — Slovakia. If one leaves the match against Russians aside, it is easy to conclude that the Slovaks showed almost nothing in the group stage, which promises a passing match to the Germans; but now we just need to figure out who is more worthy of captaincy among the German players. There are players to choose from starting with the shooting guard Hector and finishing with the main striking force of the bundesteam, Muller.

Hungary — Belgium. The Hungarian national team unexpectedly made it to the playoffs from the first place, but immediately had the team of Belgium as a rival, which regained consciousness after the cold Italian shower and played two high-quality matches against the Irish and the Swedes. De Bruyne, Hazard and Lukaku will try to repeat the exploits of Cristiano Ronaldo at the gate of Kiraly, but who is the best from them? Let's find out a bit later.

Call to bookmaker

We're turning out heads to the bookmakers and choosing the teams with the lowest ratios at an individual total more than 1.5 in the line, which reflects the high attacking potential of the team in the last 16.

Germany — 1.69

France — 1.82

England — 1.89

Belgium — 1.952

Wales — 2.59

Perfect captain for Euro-2016 last 16

The statistical table shows the key data on the players for Euro-2016 group stage.

The statistical table helps to narrow down the field of candidates. Kevin de Bruyne from the team of Belgium stands out as a clear leader of the attack, and one cannot find anyone better than Dimitri Payet among the French. The fact that the attacking potential of the Welsh is concentrated in the two players has been clear for a long time. There is something to think about only in the German team. Joachim Low has experimented a lot with attacking line, but only the key roles of Muller, Ozil and Kroos remained unchanged in it, from which Thomas looks more promising due to a more attacking position and his sincere anger after the third day of group stage, where the striker could hat-trick but did not score anything at all shelling the woodwork from all sides.

Fans of non-standard options may always given the captain's armband to Cristiano Ronaldo, Ivan Perisic and Wayne Rooney, but it will be at your own risk.

The captain top for Euro-2016 last 16 from the «Goose and water» blog:

1. Thomas Muller (Germany)

2. Dimitri Payet (France)

3. Kevin de Bruyne (Belgium)

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