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The nervous and emotional 3rd day was marked by a number of interesting results and an important conclusion for the future.

A lot of ambivalent emotions were experienced in the 3rd day of the Euro-2016, and the most important of them happened on the first day. It was like this: on Sunday, I recommended the perfect captain for the 3rd day and all the necessary information for the collection of the winning team was already in my head in the late afternoon. Moreover, this information was expressed materially in the list of 20-25 players, from which we had to to choose. I was used to the easy way of collecting the teams I was thinking about on the first two days of Euro-2016, without regard to the value of the players, therefore I did not think about the difficult decisions that I will have to take based on the inability to collect my perfect composition, and I waited calmly for the appearance of the compositions in the first two matches to take up the registration of teams.

An hour before the deadline, I was kind of distracted by worldly affairs, and there was no more than half an hour left to collect the teams; and that's when the problems started to pile up one after the other - my Internet started lagging like hell, Didier Deschamps decided to take up rotations, and my compositions would just not pass by the prices. Due to all this, I had to change everything from the core, and the lagging Internet did not make it any easier. A few difficult decisions had to be taken in a couple of minutes without verification of information on the players, and a lot of such decisions appeared to be wrong.

In addition to all that, a trouble came up at the PremierPunt, were I caught a rough upstreak at the start of the Euro. The site interface is made in such a way so that when you're registering your team into the tournament, a message about the inability to register is not displayed, and if you're in a hurry it's even more difficult to find out if the team is accepted or not; that's why I always check a few times on which composition was accepted where. More problems occur because of the non-standard method of registration of teams into the tournaments, but the main issue was the following: this time I just forgot to appoint the vice-captain, pushed the team registration button, clicked on the "OK" button and closed the site. When the matches started, it turned out that the composition was not accepted, and the self-assured ascent to the Olympus of PremeirPunt was treacherously suspended. I cannot recall any messages on why the team has not been accepted, and that's why now I'm going to take all actions step by step to avoid such problems in the future.

The main events of the fantasy-week occurred on FanTeam, and the situation here is very interesting. I kept hanging around very close to the prizes in the tournament for a large number of participants, but I kept missing some 1-2 points; on the other hand, I profited perfectly from the tournaments and heads up with an entrance fee of €55.00. As you can see in the bankroll chart, I managed to profit considerably well the second week in a row at FanTeam, which definitely makes me happy after a cruel drawdown following the scoring changes. The complete list of tournaments and a couple of typical teams is attached.

I will give some special attention to the battle with the top reg at FanTeam, futt32. I managed to win three heads up for the total buy-in of €100+ from him this week and got round him in all the tournaments for 10+ teams with an entrance fee of €55.00. There is nothing fearsome in the teams of this opponent, so I will boldly continue to play heads up with him.

On Monday, it all started well at FantasyBet, and ended up poorly on Wednesday. It turned out to be something around zero, and when one closely examines the team under GRAND EURO, one can easily understand that whole welter in which all its compositions was taking place in just a few minutes.

The only one-day tournament for £5.00 with one entrance fee played at PremierPunt— when there's no overlay, playing on this site seems to be not a good idea at all.

By the way, I can without any doubt recognize Neil Taylor as the player of the week, and I still somewhat reproach myself for the fact that I was taking him into my teams not nearly as easily as Gareth Bale.


The main conclusion on the 3rd day of Euro-2016 is that it's necessary to leave as much time to the registration of teams as possible, and to be ready for any force-majeure. The more serious the game, the more responsible one should act with it. One should at least have a good Internet connection (for example, having two providers for it), and make oneself safe from any outer influence.

There is another method to avoid problems with hasty team registration, but there can be more troubles here due to the poor performance of the sites. the teams may be composed and registered in advance, and the one can make the necessary changes connected to some unexpected events in the compositions for the first match before the deadline, but one should always remember about the pitfalls. Firstly, when you're registering a team in one tournament at FanTeam, you can apply the same team in all the other similar competitions in a couple of clicks, but you will have to edit each team separately though. Here, it would be good to see some performance when saving the teams, but for now the developers don't worry too much about it, and this service is still performing very poorly. Secondly, there is an even bigger risk here due to force-majeure: ifthere will be no possibility to edit the composition before the deadline due to any reasons, the tournaments could end up in a huge failure and a drawdown of bankroll.


The happiest event is the return of the positive dynamics to the bankroll chart at FanTeam. Moreover, we have a new mark of marathon completion — 35%! A round anniversary, so I'm ready to accept congratulations on the holiday =)

Now, this is important: the chart scrambled up a little more swiftly than it was supposed to this week due to the increase in euro and pound exchange rate, too. The balance at the sites is recalculated at exchange rates on the day of the post writing when calculating the total bankroll.

I think you will be interested in how winning back the bonuses on the first deposit is doing:

— FanTeam: €138.28 played out from €500.00.

— FantasyBet: £83.05 played out from £400.00.

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