​​​​​​$10,000 by 333 days. Fight with FanTeam, adorbs from Premier Punt and failure by jokers

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There were no epic drifts from the first days of Euro-2016.

Let's get on without further ado, because today the 2d day of Euro-2016 starts, and those are the key fantasy-tournaments. We already have information on what all 24 national teams coming to France are like, and now is high time to use one's analytical skills with maximum efficiency. Let's put away the lyrics until the month between Euro-2016 and the start of football seasons, and now we will work in summary.

Collection of teams into Full Round-tournaments was based on a few key moments: clean sheets of Germany, Switzerland, France and Austria, removal of the Romanian body, Swiss attacking potential and the presence of top players for balance (Muller, Morata, Lewandowski). I was confident that Iceland and Italy would score the Portuguese and Belgians, and did not believe in a scattering of goals from the latter, so the representatives of favorites never appeared in the teams. By the same logic, I didn't consider the Spanish defenders while predicting a goal to the Czechs, and here is where the mishap happened.

Then the team was provided with jokers, which had to create the key difference in regard to other managers. There were four of such jokers, but only one of them worked. Let's see why.

1. Kamil Grosicki — a Pole with a mad attacking potential, but being in the shadow of Lewandowski, Milik and Blaszczykowski received a mini-injury and did not manage to fully recover, so he came out only as a substitution for the last 10 minutes.

2. Ivan Perisic — a failure man, which underdelivered from the distance of 5 meters, did not implement a one-on-one outcome and issued two excellent angle shots for a goal that the partners could not close.

3. Xherdan Shaqiri/Blerim Dzemaili — the first has an assist, and it's all right, but the second did not realize two excellent moment. I feel particularly sorry for a cannon free kick without a chance for the goalkeeper, which hit the post.

4. Dimitri Payet — this guy was the best and became virtually the only bright spot in my teams for the first day.

In the absence of clean sheets from the Austrians and the French, at the silence of Lewandowski, Morat and Muller and at the failure of trump cards in 3 out of 4 cases, the first day had to end up in a huge disaster, which actually occurred at FanTeam, but I had a few game changers: Premier Punt and flash-tournament at FantasyBet.

I recognize Premier Punt as the main savior of the week, and the story is as follows: I stopped at the site several hours before the deadline and saw just the wildest overlays near 400% (!!!), and also the buy-ins didn't bite. I simply didn't have the right not to use this chance and immediately transferred 40 pounds to the site. There are funny one-match tournaments with unique scoring at the site, and they also had crazy overlays, but the main drifts were in the fights of European Championships - Round 1 (guarantee — £1,000.00) and European Championships - Sat, 11 Jun 2016 (guarantee — £500.00). Initially, the same prize funds were for the following tournaments, but they realized it in time at Premier Punt and knew the minus they were dragging themselves into, and the guarantees were either removed at all or shamelessly cut off. But I managed to take what's mine: the 1st place in European Championships - Sat, 11 Jun 2016 (prize — £200.00) and the 6th place in European Championships - Round 1 (prize — £50.00). They still can't calculate the last tournament, but no bonuses and extra points at the site are considered, therefore there will be no more changes in the tournament table. Thus, Premier Punt did not allow a major drawdown of the bankroll, which is good news.

A new scoring at FanTeam still really infuriates, and perhaps that is why I just can't start to plus consistently. I swerved up to the mark of €900 in the first days of Euro, but then the drawdown happened again, which continues to this day. The teams were gathered on the basis of the principles set out above with an emphasis on the defensive scheme (hello again, scoring), therefore I don't see much sense in highlighting something specific in a long list of tournaments. As an example, I will show a Full Round-team losing an important tournament with the first prize of €400.

I participated in three major tournaments at FantasyBet, from which I had an opportunity to plus only in my favorite flash.


The bankroll stayed on an acceptable level due to Premier Punt in order not to call the start of Euro-2016 a complete disaster. I added the £30 into the starting value for Premier Punt, which I uploaded in the middle of spring to test the Premier League tournaments. I could not win anything that time.

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