​​Choosing perfect captain for 2d day of Euro-2016 group stage

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After having analyzed the matches of the 1st day of Euro-2016 group stage, choosing a captain for the 2d day is becoming a little bit easier.

The captain post by the starting day of Euro-2016 said that the captain's armband should appear on the arm of someone from the Payet — Giroux couple. If the first one would be selected, then it's fine; if the second would be selected, it's not bad too.

We're studying the match list of the 2d day and working under the standard program: analyzing each match in search of potential captains, turning to bookmakers for advice, studying the statistics and deducing three best offers for the 2d day.

Matches not worth seeking captain in

Russia — Slovakia. Both teams have not impressed us on the first day, mildly speaking. Making one of the Russians a captain is a gamble, and the Slovaks did not look too organized in the match against the Welsh to hope for a large number of scoring opportunities with Marek Hamsik. Feeling free to skip.

England — Wales. How does Wales play against top teams? The whole team is standing in defense and looking forward to a swift counterattack named after Gareth Bale, with the support of Aaron Ramsey. One probably should not wait for too many goals in the British opposition, and, therefore, it's pointless to seek a captain here.

Italy — Sweden. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has arranged just one goal in the gates of the Irish, and it's time for the Swedes to start worrying: the level of defense organization, which the Italians have shown in the match against Belgium, may leave the «Tre Kronor» without any chances to score on the 2d day. The Italians will dance on the stove and wait for their moments, and such moments may arise from almost anything, as shown by Leonardo Bonucci. The meeting promises to be «grass-root», so it's better to be careful with captains here.

Spain — Turkey. The Turks have shown a very weak soccer on the 1st day, and the Spaniards will be clear favorites, but there is another problem here. Attacking accents in the Spanish national team are too vague, and highlighting the key attacking player, Vicente del Bosque, is impossible. The situation is complicated by a qualitative bench and a replacement for attack refreshment, which cuts off captaining potential of each of the attacking players. We won't forget about the Spaniards and will even add them to the statistical table, but will hardly let them near the captain's armband.

Belgium — Ireland. We were almost waiting for victory from the Belgians in the tournament until the start of Euro-2016, but it turned out that the team of Marc Wilmots absolutely cannot play in the positional attack, and it looks not like a favorite in general. The Irish have already hooked up a point in the match with the Swedes, and they will put up such a defensive cordon against the Belgians, that Jose himself would envy. Looks like the Belgians will be pounding on the high-quality Irish wall for 90 minutes and also may quite possibly remain on short rations, unless Clark takes up arbalests again. But this will not bring us anything in terms of captaincy.

Iceland — Hungary. The victory over the Austrians made it possible for the Hungarians to get rid of the status of one of the main outsiders of the tournament, and a draw with the Portuguese helped the Icelanders to show that they will fight for each point at their first big tournament. We're expecting a spectacular clash on the 2d day, where there will be a lot of emotions and an unpredictable outcome. Gylfi Sigurðsson may get upset, but making someone a captain here is too dangerous.

Portugal — Austria. The Austrians went to the tournament as one of the most organized teams, but the support zone failed completely in the match against Hungary, and centre back Dragovic was sent off for a foul in attack. There is not much belief in the Austrians anymore, but then again the Portuguese could not beat the Spaniards, creating a lot of scoring chances, with Cristiano Ronaldo not being the best. This match definitely needs to be gotten round, for the Austrians play perfectly as the second number and are ready to offer quality counter-attack football to the Portuguese, and the big question is how this will end.

Matches worth seeking captain in

Romania — Switzerland. It is fashionable to praise the Romanian team after the 1st day, which gave resistance to the French, but the «three-colored» haven't shown their best soccer in the opening match, therefore it is better to wait with far-reaching conclusions about the Romanian team. The Swiss held a powerful first half against the Albanians, Shaqiri and Dzemaili confirmed their enormous attacking potential, and making the right choice in the scattering of quality defenders is almost impossible at all. A closer look at the Swiss is definitely worth it.

France — Albania. France will continue to gain during the tournament, and the Albanians might very well end up in the deepest psychological pit after the first match: a defeat from the principal rival at the removal of the captain and a number of unrealized scoring chances. Dimitri Payet was marked by the brightest performance in the first match, and it was clear in that evening already that the French master of standards will qualify for the captaincy on the 2d day.

Ukraine — Northern Ireland. The North Irish seemed like almost the worst Euro-2016 team on the 1st day, and the Ukrainians, which forced Manuel Neuer himself to be concerned, are looking very, very promising against their background. The variants with Yevgen Konoplyanka and Andriy Yarmolenko are obvious, but one may search for something else too.

Germany — Poland. This match promises to be one of the brightest on the 2d day. The Germans and the Poles have met twice in the qualification and both scored a victory. Both national teams won on the 1st day of the Euro-2016, so it will largely be a decision on the fate of the first place in the group here. The Germans have obvious problems in defense, and there is still no precise information on the date of Hummels's return, which makes the match highly promising in terms of fantasy with a huge attacking potential of the Poles.

Czech Republic — Croatia. Croatia simply destroyed the Turkish team on the 1st day creating a tremendous amount of scoring chances. The «checkers» suffered from poor implementation, but what the Turks couldn't do, the Czechs may very well accomplish. The Croatian team's offensive line offers a great choice, and there will be hard work here.

Call to bookmaker

We're choosing the lowest ratios at an individual total more than 1.5 in the line, which reflects the highest attacking potential.

France — 1.35

Spain — 1.56

Germany — 1.57

England — 1.72

Belgium — 1.79

Ukraine — 1.833

Portugal — 1.92

Interestingly, the order of the first three teams is absolutely the same as what it was on the first day, and the ratios are approximately the same.

Perfect captain for 2d day of Euro-2016 group stage

We're collecting the statistical successes of the players on the 1st day into a statistical table.

Payet and his 8 created chances for the partners leave no choice — it is namely Dimitri who will have to be captain, but more problems come next. The only adequate option other than Payet among the French is Giroux. Silva and Iniesta have shown the best statistical values among the Spaniards, Seferovic and Shaqiri are distinguished among the Swiss, but it's hard to forget the tight hit in the post from the penalty kick of Dzemaili. 14 crosses of Yevgen Konoplyanka with a good percentage of successful one force one to reflect. Milik is the best of the Poles, but this time it's Grosicki who should be out at the start, and Lewandowski will have more freedom in the match with the Germans, to whom the northern Irish didn't give a chance to rest. Darijo Srna had a terrific match against the Croats, and the 6 strikes of Marcelo Brozovic playing on a non-core position have to be highlighted. Gotze and Muller disappointed among the Germans, but Ozil and Kroos stood out as key figures in the construction of the bundesteam attacking play.

Captain top for the 1st day of the group stage of Euro-2016 from the «Goose and water» blog:

1. Dimitri Payet (France)

2. Olivier Giroux (France)

3. Toni Kroos (Germany)

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