​​​​$10000 in 333 days. A terrible day for the penalty masters

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A story about a coward, a peacock and an alarm bell that rings loud before Euro 2016.

After battling in fantasy leagues for three months, dedicating days and nights to analytics and stats, I desperately needed a short break. The end of the European club season has finally arrived, so I got enough time to relax and look at my first achievements in fantasy gaming. Preparing my strategy for the Europe League and Champions League finals was far easier than I expected. My head was packed with the relevant information about the finalists, so I could easily predict the way those games would unfold. My goal is to come in full arms to Euro 2016, and I want to be ready and motivated before the first game starts. With fantasy games consuming almost all my weekends for several months, now I do appreciate some free weekend days, yet fantasy games really worth the efforts and focus.

So some words about the finals. I want to share with you the way I picked the teams, and after you will see the results I achieved. I could not imagine that Liverpool might lose the crucial game, and I found enough reasons to believe Jurgen Klopp and his football magic, but Unai Emery destroyed the English side and all my intricate calculations. The only thing I got right was betting that both teams would score.

Champions League final was almost the same for me. I listed all the advantages Atletico had, and decided to bet on Diego Simeone and his bright players. Oblak was an obvious choice in the spot as the guy makes at least several saves every game, the combo Griezmann-Torres occupied the attacking line, Gareth Bale was the best choice among the midfielders, and the only questions left was to collect two defenders from the Matrass-makers. I picked the experienced Godin that could fight the pressure of the final game, while choosing between Filipe Luis and Juafran was harder, but I picked the Brazilian. My team was close to reaching the prize zone, but one thing crushed all my hopes. Griezmann failed to convert the penalty into a bonus point for me, and there is no better nickname for him, but a coward. It surely sounds harsh, but he earned that. He was scared to make a fine shot form the penalty in the quarterfinals against Barcelona, and he hit the woodwork in the match of the season.

The saddest thing is that Anji player Boli that I made a captain in my side pulled the same trick and failed to net from the penalty spot. The forward decided to make a panenka-style shot, but the plan did not work out. Fantasy games for the Russian Premier-League play-offs started just hours before the deadlines, and a good fantasy manager could get a great overlay, but alas, I had bad luck that day.

So I was defeated in all three fantasy runs before Euro 2016, losing in Champions League and Europa league finals, and the game Anji - Gazovik.

My bankroll at FanTeam went down, and that influenced the whole progress. They gave great guarantees for Europa League and Champions League, but I could not catch them. Below you can find all my teams and fantasy games I played.

FantasyBet offered few fantasy games for the finals, and you could not lose much in them. It is nice to mention though that the site has already started Euro 2016 games, even giving an impressive guarantee for the runs - regular £1,000.00 like you had for GRAND WEEKEND in the English Premier League.


You might wonder why I do not say a word about the new experimental point-system at FantasyBet and FanTeam. The problem is that these systems are just tested, and I have no final judgement on them. FantasyBet has always counted the additional aspects like interceptions and successful tackles. I will talk about that test later, while a post about FanTeam system is coming soon.


We are coming to Euro 2016 fest with 28 percent completed. I am not a huge expert in national teams, so I will not dive into the first games. I will wait for chances, but I do not bet on European championship much, trying my best in top games.

And one more thing

After a shameful case at Fanaments when the site decided to finalize EPL weekend with the suspended game, you can visit the forum and leave your complains and stories there. Managers will discuss all the cases and share the ideas how to act. Together we can demand for fair rules!

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