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TimeToDraft brings you all the fantasy stats and news ahead of the major Champions League game.

Injuries and suspensions

Both Madrid-based sides come to the final game at San Siro with almost perfect squads and all team leaders in peak form. Raphael Varane is the only disappointing exception for Zidane, as the French defender was sidelined with an injury for a month, but Pepe and Sergio Ramos will surely cement the center of defense. Alvaro Arbeloa’s appearance in the match is also under question, yet the Spaniard has lost his place in the starting lineup and can hardly be a great loss for the side. We’ve heard dozens of news about Cristiano Ronaldo’s thigh problems after a training session few days ago, yet the forward is said to come to the final in his best condition.

Diego Simeone has all the players fit and prepared at his disposal.

Expectations from the match

The twelve-game winning run the Blancos recorded at the end of the season inspires Real fans to dream about the victory in the fixture, though Zidane’s team was less confident in the Champions League play-offs. The surprising defeat to Wolfsburg 2-0, as well as the goalless draw in the away game against Manchester City is the sign thatReal is far from being a favorite in the game. Atletico on the other hand is the club that surprised us many times this season, making headlines with their achievements:

  • Atletico is the only team that defeated Real at Santiago Bernabeu after ZinedineZidane was appointed as the head coach of the side. The Matrass-makers prevailed 1-0 in February, outplaying Real in the La Liga game and thus crashing Real’s dreams about the top flight trophy.
  • On their way to the Champions League final, Atletico knocked out two formidable sides. Barcelona was defeated in Simone’s usual style (1-2, 2-0), while Bayern simply underestimated the Spaniards (1-0, 1-2), and paid for that.
  • Almost two years ago Sergio Ramos scored an equalizer in the final that saw the same teams playing. Real went on and crashed Atletico in the additional time, dealing a painful blow to all the Matrass-makers and their fans. Those harsh memories should be a great motivation for Simone and his guys.

The bookies firmly believe in the Blankos, but Atletico seems set and ready to challenge those predictions. With no clear favorite, the final game brings incredible fantasy action for the fans.

Prices and jokers.Quick comparison.

Let’s focus on two leading European fantasy platforms – FantasyBetandFanTeam. We start with FantasyBet and analyze all the positions.


FantasyBet keeps the prices unchanged, and you can still pick Torres for 7.5. One more definite joker at the site is Fernandez, whose stats make him a great bet. Yet the site marks Gareth Bale as a forward, and it means that in the combo Ronaldo – Bale – Benzema – Griezmann – Torres only three might appear in your side.

James Rodriguez has the most surprising price among midfielders, but in Zidane’s side the player has lost his place in the starting lineup. Atletico’s attacking midfielders all have predictable and fair prices, with Carrasco (7.5) and Saul (7.0) looking as the most lucrative assets. Real’s midfield zone has some promising bets as well. The toughest choice comes between Kroos (9.5) and Modric (9.0), but the German is far more effective at the set pieces and has more chances to bring you additional bonuses.

Picking defenders is an easy task for this final, as most of the players are valued between 6.0 and 7.0. The choice largely depends on the chances of clean sheet, plus active support of the attacking attempts. Marcelo (7.0) is the best pick you can find.

The goalkeepers have almost identical prices, and both have great chances to collect a couple of saves and stop a penalty. An experienced manager will put the one who can make a clean sheet.


At FanTeam we will look at the most promising players, who have great potential and low price. The changes are still happening – Carrasco was not in the list on Friday evening, but now his chances to play are high.

Jan Oblak (7.9, goalkeeper, Atletico). – Oblak is 2.1 points cheaper than Navas, and with all the bonuses he brought in the previous Champions League fantasy action, his choice is far more reasonable.

Daniel Carvajal (7.5, defender, Real) – you can hardly find a difference between Carvajal and Marcelo’s attacking power, yet the players are 3.3 points apart in the prices. Marcelo surely has more consistency, but betting on a motivated and underpriced Carvajal is a clever move.

Gabi (5.8, midfielder, Atletico) – if you need a cheap and reliable option to finalize the side, Atletico’s captain will be the best option. Gabi is capable of creating great chances and making great assists.

Casemiro (6.7, midfielder Real) – consider him an equivalent to Gabi, but in Real’s jersey.

Cristiano Ronaldo (11.3, forward, Real) – the price for the Portuguese does not look that huge, and you can add the player to a well-balanced team.


Finding the perfect captain comes down to one factor – your belief in a team. If you think that Real is a favorite, give the captain’s armband either to Cristiano Ronaldo or to Gareth Bale. The first one is a clear favorite though.

If you see Atletico as a potential winner, Antoine Griezmann will be a great choice. The Frenchman is reliable and effective, and will create chances for his teammates. Jan Oblak is one more great option, as the goalkeeper will record a dozen of saves and earn some points for a clever manager. If you doubt that Atletico will keep a clean sheet, you can still bet on Oblackremembering his mighty deeds in the second play-off game against Bayern.

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Play big or go home) Packed Casemiro and Oblack in my side. Bale is the captain, Ronaldo NEVER proved himself in crucial games.


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So sad Atltico didnt manage to win(.

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