FanTeam makes changes in the point system starting from May, 28

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FanTeam, one of the leading fantasy platforms for CIS players, brings changes to its point-system. The new rules will be introduced this Saturday (May, 28), amending the previous standards.

Fantasy managers will find the following changes:

  • Player spends at least 1 second on the field – 1 point
  • Player stays on the field for 60 minutes in the match – 1 point
  • Player completes the full match (90 minutes) – 1 point
  • Goalkeeper or defender records a clean sheet (playing at least 60 minutes) – 4 points
  • Midfielder records a clean sheet – 1 point
  • Every three saves by goalkeeper– 1 point
  • Goalkeeper or defender scores a goal – 6 points
  • Midfielder nets a goal – 5 points
  • Forward scores – 4 points
  • Assist – 3 points
  • Fantasy assist* – 3 points
  • Foul that results with a goal – minus 2 points
  • Goalkeeper saves a penalty kick – 5 points
  • Player’s foul ends with a penalty (either scored, saved or missed) – minus 2 points
  • Own goal – minus 2 points
  • Yellow card – minus 1 point
  • Red card – minus 3 points
  • Every second conceded goal for goalkeeper and defender – minus 1 point

Every player on the field gets the following points if his team:

  • Wins – 1 point
  • Plays in a draw – 0 points
  • Loses – minus 1 point

*The points for fantasy assist are awarded in the following cases:

  • Your player earns a free kick / penalty and the direct shot ends with a goal
  • Player hits a woodwork, goalkeeper or opposing player, and his teammates scores a goal after a bounce
  • Player forces the opponent to make an own goal

The updated standards do not include the previously used rule for point deduction for a missed penalty kick. One more notable change is that top three player will no longer receive bonus points.

Leave your questions about the new system in the comment section below. FanTeam representativewill answer every fantasy manger!

TimeToDraft experts will soon share their opinions about the new system, so stay tuned!

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