​$10000 in 333 days. Goodbye to Fanaments

2016-05-19 16:56:38 Author: Oleg Smolerov (awd2) Rating: +7

The final Premier League game weekpromised to be a major fantasy-event of the season, but turned into something banal and inappropriate.

A few words about Fanaments right from the start. It is really hard to pick my words for the site. The guys running the platform lack professionalism and understanding of the fantasy tournaments, and deserve every negative comment I can imagine. If you do not know the story, Fanamentsmade a small trick last weekend bringing results of the fantasy games with the postponed fixture between Man United and Bournemouth. The site gave 0 points to the United players, citing the following rule as an explanation:

"If a match is postponed in some of our tournaments users will receive points for players playing that match if it is played no later than the following day. In cases where more than 50% of the tournament matches are postponed the tournament will be cancelled and all users will get a full refund."

The idea behind that decision is that the points of the players of any delayed match are not calculated, and if more than 50% fantasy games are postponed, the whole round is cancelled. I’d like to point out that the platforms like FanTeam andFantasyBet do not make such absurd decision. All the fantasy managers that played at Fanaments with Manchester United players stood no chance to win.

The story is disgraceful and freaky. I checked the rules of the site before I started playing, but this point was either missing or did not catch my attention. Probably, the second explanation is closer to the truth, and that’s why I sent no complaints to the support service. I just withdrew the remaining sum, and said “goodbye” to this site. I still have some euros and FP tickets on my account, but I will use them during the Euro matches in case this rubbish platform hosts any Euro fantasy games at all.

I want to reminder you that Fanaments was the place that made several mistakes before. The site made blunders recording goals and assists, closing the tournaments without the stats of some players. The only answer to any complaints was “The mistake was made by the stats site, not by our platform”. So I finish my fantasy run at this site and focus on FanTeam andFantasyBet. The marathon chart will show only the money I took from the site, and if any Fanaments bonuses bring me any award, I will mention it in the chart. I’m done with that, goodbye Fanaments.

The only platform where the game was perfect for me was FanTeam. FantasyBet was closing the tournaments for three days, finalizingthe score only on Wednesday afternoon, while previously it took them only 3 or 4 hours.

My worst decision of the weekend was giving captaincy to Alexis Sanchez. Olivier Giroud was in almost all my teams, but the point difference between the French striker as a captain and a regular player was as high as 2 or 3 players. I managed to add somecash atFanTeam, but largelythanks to head-ups from futt32 and snaigel, while in other big runs I lost.

The biggest mistake at FanTeam was replacing Janmaat with Pieters. I assumed that West Ham without Payet could hardly score, while Newcastlewith a clean sheet was something unimaginable. Yet Daryl was fantastic in the attacking line and made a great display. The most unpredictable and effective pick was Rondon. The combo from Southampton did not bring much result as both cheap defenders recorded a poor match. Mata failed to convert his chances, and my average team was lucky to outplay theopponents in the heads up.

I bagged a great profit at FantasyBet, pocketing £350. I had courage to jump into SPU CLASSIC with £108.00 buy-inn. With only one adequate registered player and one losing manager, I figured out the bet was worth the money. The additional option of the game (playing without a captain) helped me a lot, as I would give the captain’s armband to Sanchez and lose again.

SPU CLASSIC was a victorious place for me, and a bit adventurous as well. I wisely picked Bellerin, Valencia, Mane and Giroud and earned me some cash. Broken_Pelvis_123, was the manager that finished second, and he pulled out Ayew instead of Payet and collected 10 points, making the game a tense competition. I am still fighting with Broken_Pelvis_123 for the title of the most profitable manager at FantasyBet.

THE BOSS-tournament was marked by a suspense from the fixture Man United – Bournemouth. I climbed to the third place and almost grabbed £80 prize, but Smalling’s own goal gave a one-point lead to my opponent. Giroud’s captaincy could have gained me a win, but I did not believe in the Frenchman.

The last one is my favorite - BIG FLASH. I made a strong run at flashes again, leaving no chances to other managers.


The main focus of the week can be put into one sentence. A clever fantasy manager will do one simple thing - leave the Fanaments and take all his money from the site.

Here is one more amazing story for you. I worked really hard on my team on Sunday, preparing for THE BOSS and GRAND FINALE atFantasyBet. I selected a perfect staring 11 and left only 16.0 for the remaining four substitutes. It is not hard to find a keeper and defender for 4.0, but with only 4.0 for the midfielders I had a problem. The cheapest defender at FantasyBet comes at 4.5. I sorted the midfielders by price, made sure there was none with 4.0 and felt a bit depressed. I could not find any change I could make in the side that picked so carefully. Then I noticed an AUTO-COMPLETE button. After clicking, the system places the midfielder Williams into my side (4.0). I guess I was not focused enough before, as I checked the midfielder’s list again and Williams was there. I happily packed the side, and thanked fantasy gods for this bit of magic.


I almost reached the 30-percent level in my marathon. I hoped to get more profit with all the strong guarantees I had from different sites, but several mistakes and the lousy story I described above stopped me form making a huge achievement. FantasyBet generates great games, and I believe the site will offer even more exciting tournaments for the nest season.

awd2's SQUAD (low-budget fighters)

My own competition on finding the best jokers brought together 12 players during the final EPL weekend. Zhibrik was close to celebrating his fourth victory, but this time his march was stopped by me as I collected Yanmaat, made Giroud a captain, included Ayew and Rondon and received 77 points, which is the 4th place in €1,000 GPP €10 EPL Full Round. You can find my winning team below, as well as the team of our three-time champion. Zhibrik has an awesome approach to making unexpected moves, this time Fabregas Drinkwater and Deeney all in the squad.

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