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Hello TimeToDraft! My name is Mike, I am FanTeam marketing director. Starting from this post I will share the latest FanTeam news, the analyses and comments about the European one-day fantasy market in this blog. Let's start with a bit of history.

The idea to create FanTeam belongs to two Norwegian poker players. Back in 2013 they decided to build a fantasy platform and call it WoofBet (do not ask me why that name was chosen, no one knows the answer). The American fantasy powerhouses Draftkings and FanDuel did not plan to expand to the European market (three years later they still think about it). Yet it was clear that Europe had enough fantasy players to start fantasy action, the magic mix of statistics, analytics, and downright intuition and foresight.
The platform focused on delivering to the players the positive fantasy gaming experience from the moment you pick the first player to the minute the tournament finishes. With profit generation not a priority, the site opted for easy and simple point-awarding system that was different from the sites like Fanaments. The choice proved to be a great move, as the site gained its audience and keeps developing.
FanTeam aims to start receiving some profit at the later stages of the project, that is why the first steps were sponsored by the external investors. The team reports to sponsors on the key business indicators, while all the internal decisions from including a new league or even a new kind of sport are taken independently.
The site has gone a long way since 2013. We've changed the name, design, brought new professions into the management, and added a number of leagues. We closely monitor the latest trends in fantasy gaming and try to predict how it will transform in a year. We also aim to bring innovations and tweaks into this area. This autumn we will add a number of brand new leagues, while plans to introduce fantasy eSport are in the making. By the way, would you like to have eSport campaigns?
I'd like to start a small contest among TimeToDraft managers on the best idea how to improve FanTeam. From new leagues and new sports, to new design, usability, points system, articles and reviews you want to see - your voice will be heard! You can suggest literally anything that you want to get, and we will put it into the pipeline. Leave your ideas in the comment section below (one idea per comment), and the best one will get €3 ticket from us. Let's make this site an awesome place to hangout and play the greatest fantasy games!
Cheers guys! And good luck in fantasy world!

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