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It is time for me to adjust my strategy for the closing EPL game day and recover after last week’s loses. And yes, Fanaments still plays jokes on me.

It seems unlikely that I will ever forget the English Premier League season 2015/16. It’s been the season when I discovered fantasy-sport, started my first fantasy-marathon and clinched three big victories. In football the resulted are summed up after the season ends, but I decided to reflect on my fantasy run before the final weekend. I cannot predict my emotions after the last matches of the EPL campaign. I might be happy with a new achievement in my fantasy run, and I might be depressed after the defeat. Anyway I do feel that my emotions will influence my analytical thinking, so my ideas about the season are included in this post.

I started the season at Fanaments, diving into 50/50 (Double or Nothing) tournaments. It was a tough gaming experience at first, and quite frankly I was close to giving up and quitting this whole fantasy rollercoaster. Luckily I was stubborn enough to continue. I decided to play till my first victory. With a dozen games and failures, I finally succeeded and enjoyed my first win. Fanaments remain the unpredictable flip-flaps for me, but with general positive dynamics the platform gives me more joy than frustration.

My perfect debut at FanTeam with ROIclose to 100% was a great inspiration for my fantasy football dreams. Gradually though the results started declining, and in retrospect it does not look like a surprise. My mistakes and flops just proved that I could hardly call myself a great fantasy manager. Yet it pushed me to develop my fantasy strategy, to plan and to prepare for any weekend. FanTeam goes forward, and with the platform goes forward my fantasy career.

My first games at FantasyBet baffled me greatly. But as I acquired some experience, I opened a lot of awesome things there, fell in love with flashes and won three major fantasy runs – GRAND WEEKEND, BIG FLASH, THE BOSS. I also managed to make the badge AWD2 IS THE BOSS the name of the fantasy tournament, and this accomplishment injected more dedication into me.

My first fantasy adventures were exciting and entertaining, it is a new hobby that I like and cherish. I will put even more time and efforts into it in the future. Apart from some obvious financial stimulus (it is indeed a great chance to earn some cash), the whole concept is full of many aspects. Fantasy combines strategic thinking, entertainment, your football knowledge and luck, as you compete with other fantasy experts. Playing against real people makes it far more competitive, while making bets against statistics and math formulasseems downright boring now.

After a short intro, let’s move to the midweek action we witnessed in EPL. These four matches offered me a great chance to come back after my previous defeats. FanTeam was the place where I showed my best game, capitalizing on West Ham – Man United drama and adding some profits from Wednesday’s heads-up. I also celebrated my first win in the Russian Premier League, the achievement I waited for a long time. My analytical forecasts for midweek fixtures were spot on, and some little corrections in the teams could havebrought me first prizes.

FantasyBet hosted several tournaments for midweek games, and I managed to double my buy-ins in some of them. I reached the third place in BIG MIDWEEK, got small bonuses from SUPER WEDNESDAY and MIDWEEK FLASH, finishing on a positive note and putting the bankroll on an upward trajectory. Here is my team for BIG MIDWEEK.

WEDNESDAY FLASH turned my game into a massive disappointment. I selected van Aanholt, Redmond, Yedlin, Deeney and Ighalo from the stack, but even with these awesome pick I could not take the prizes. Coutinho ruined my strategy, failing to deliver as captain, while other fantasy managers showed incredible results. The winnerbet on LamineKone (42 points) as a captain, the second team put Deeney (10 points) and Aanholt (13 points) on a substitute’s bench, but still climbed high! The most balanced team was the one finished third with the combo Hazard -Redmond- Mbokani. Flashes are amazing, aren’t they?:)

Fanaments is the place where they still cannot organize two-day runsproperly. I had just 10 minutes on Tuesday to collect a team for this site. With no guarantees offered, I decided to play in cheaper fantasy games where I had enough entries. My current results helped me to finish with no losses and no gains, but it is not the most important thing. They did not add one more point to my total count, and while it did not really crashed my louse game, this trick still irritates me a lot.

So this time I noticed overlay in Satellite to EPL Final 3 Tickets GTD and decided to add the third ticket for the final round for €15, while actually paying €3.30. The final table will tell you the rest of the story. You can also have a look at my midweek team for Fanamentsand the list of uncompleted runs. The charts show the results after the weekend, while the changes will be included in the next post.


THE GRAND FINALE £5K GTD, EPL Final Round €2000 GTD and an awesome FanTeam run are the games we shall play as the final EPL game day comes. I will approach the final fixtures prepared and focused. I can repeat once more – I will be prepared. These games are a great chance to add some cash to my bankroll . My goal is the first places inTHE GRAND FINALE £5K GTD — £1,369.03 and EPL Final Round €2000 GTD — €520.00.


I could not come closer to my previous best achievement, but I managed to play back the losses. With just 4 games played, the result is great. Now I have energy and positive vibe to win big during the weekend.

awd2's SQUAD (low-budget fighters)

And now few words about the training run I created thisweekend. The tournament focused on finding jokers, and with the limited preparation time, the two-time champion Zhibrik claimed one more victory. He took three wins in three runs, so he’s the best collector of the cheapest team at TimeToDraft. Congrats!

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