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With World Ice Hockey Championships2016 approaching, TimeToDraft launches a special fantasy game for you.

Play the rake chase from 6 to 31 May and receive cool prizes from us! The first 10 users registered at Fanteam through our site will share 100 euro.

The winners will divide the prize pool in the following way:

1st place – 30 euro

2nd place – 20 euro

3rd place – 15 euro

4th place – 10 euro

5th place – 6 euro

6th place – 5 euro

7th place – 4 euro

8th place – 4 euro

9th place – 3 euro

10th place –3 euro

The fantasy race is open only for the managers registered at Fanteam with our portal. If you are a newcomer, sign up at Fanteam with TimeToDraft and start playing. Please note that the unregistered players cannot enter the fantasy run.

The rake (tax) you put for every enter into the paid tournaments at Fanteam is 10% of your entry fee. It means betting 10 euro to start the tournaments (the money will be added to the prize pool), a player will be charged 1 euro rake by the site. We will closely monitor the total rake sum and keep the table, striking the balance and awarding the best managers June, 1. The bigger your total rake, the more chances you have to climb high in this race.

The rake chase table will be posted shortlyon our site! Good luck and good game!


TTD team

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