​Champions League fantasy review for the semi-finals played on May, 3 – 4. Shining Oblak

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The second ties of the Champions League play-offs were total fantasy madness, and TimeToDraft tells you all about it.

Champions League second leg semis were packed with drama and nerve as the suspense filled the games till the final whistle. With no clear favorites in the clashes, both the Citizens and the Bavarians could have turned the games around with a bit of luck, but football gods favored Spanish sides this week.

After a poor display in the away fixture at Vicente Calderon, the German side adopted a surprising playing model with a formation close to 3-3-4. Josep Guardiola’s strategic bet was Jerome Boateng that returned to action and gave exquisite passes in the first half. Atletico was caught off guard with the changes and the tactical tricks prepared for them, conceding one goal and giving to the Germans a penalty. Diego Simeone was rescued by the incredible Jan Oblak who made 10 saves, stopped a penalty and oozed confidence through the whole game. After this matchThibaut Courtois’s wonders are almost forgotten by Atletico fans. Bayern had their chances in the second half, but the Matrass makers fought for every ball and managed to capitalize on the counter attack. Griezmann used the first and the only moment he had in the match, showing world class mastery in the key game. Atletico reaches the final again, and Simione’s guys earned this opportunity with sweat and blood.

The clash at Santiago Bernabeu was full of small moments that made huge impact. Ronaldo’s return to the second leg brought confidence unto the side, Fernando’s own goal opened the score, while the midfielder could have equalized but his shot hit the woodwork. Bale was close to doubling, and only the crossbar stopped him from netting one more. Generally the game could have been a scoring fest, and Real was lucky to keep a clean sheet without Casemiro or any other destroying defender in the game.

The pre final conclusions we made are these.

Oblak’s captaincy

Atletico’s keeper made dozens of saves and denyed a clear chance to score the second one from penalty spot. Fantasy managers that made the right calculations before the match picked him as a captain, and enjoyed bonuses and additional points. The predictions for the final match are unchanged as Real will push hard to score first and shoot where never possible. Ronalso and Bale will test Oblak’s skills, yet his confidence and captaincy are doubtful.

Griezmann’s factor

Antoine Griezmann needs a half chance to turn a moment into a goal. The forward is always focused on target, and the low number of Atletico goals should not confuse you. With one scoredat Allianz Arena and a potential assist in the home game, the Frenchman is a must have in every fantasy-team. The Madrid-based side is always perceived as an underdog it the matches with top sides, so Griezmann’sefficiency and reasonable price will earn you a lot.

Super joker

Fernando Torresmight be called the main loser of the semi-final, but he was the most active attacking player in the team and was close to earning a lot. The Spaniard hit the post in the first game, earned a penalty and could not convert it in the second. The quarter-finals were also a lousy time for Fernando as he picked the red card in the first game against Barca. We believe that the spell will end in the final, and Torres will be rewarded for his persistence.

Bale’s bid for stardom

Gareth Balewas the player that posed the greatest threat for Man city at Etihad, as Ronaldo missed the first leg. Santiago Bernabeu saw the Portuguese fit and focused, but it was Bale who created the first moment and almost bagged the second one, hitting the crossbar. Ronaldo made twice as many shots on target, but was far less effective as the Welshman. The semis show that Bale heads for a constant fantasy captaincy.

Carvajal’s flash of brilliance

The stats show that Marcelo puts more effort into attack than Carvajal, but it was the Spaniard who made three key passes, while the Brazilianrecorded only one. Carvajal also made a pass to Bale before he scored, so the player should be included in you pre final analyses.

Statistical leader

The table with the most active attacking players from the teams that reached the final.

Winning team

Analyzing the teams that won the biggest runs at FanTeamand FantasyBet, we can find the best strategies that worked for the Champions League semi-finals.

Tuesday’s campaign €500 GPP €10 CL Tuesday BAY vs ATM at FanTam was conquered by our regular user Lampard17 that finished first with several other players. The key decision was Oblak’scaptaincy that was paired with any scoring forward (Lewandowski or Griezmann).

On Wednesday the defensive stack took the prizes at FanTeam €500 GPP €10 CL Wednesday RMA vs MCI, with Carvajal’s captaincy and Bale’s attacking power. Only two fantasy managers (superfunand Batista) picked up the right squads.

Two-day tournaments €250 GPP €10 CL Full Round at FanTeam were conquered by flapflapflap, who put together a brilliant line-up with all 6 players collecting 6 points!

The most expensive tournament SEMI-FINAL UNLIMITED BUDGET at FantasyBet was triumphed by SuperJamesy who built a powerful defensive stack from Real and took all the bonuses, plus picked Alaba, Vidal and Bale, winning even with the poor captain.

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