​$10000 in 333 days. Flash master, FanTeam grinder and 26%

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The post full of fantasy action, amusing defeats, awesome pick-ups, the long-awaited victory in BIG FLASH and the key finding of the weekend as my marathon passes one-quarter distance.

This weekend crystalized a lot of things for me, making a huge contrast with the previous one. As you might remember I did not put enough effort into collecting the best team, and I do not have any good excuse for that. These decisions resulted in some clear mistakes and poor outcomes. I decided to analyze the reasons behind my lousy performance and the way my poor preparation ruined all the bets. This time I decided to dedicate more time for the warming up and spent Friday evening and three hours on Saturday morning studying the information. With FanTeam launching the Russian Premier League tournaments, the whole Sunday was also given to fantasy sport.

The final outcome was impressive. Townsend, Deeney, Sigurdsson, Mane, Payet, Carroll, and Kane all made it into my squads, and even Darlow and Noble were in the line-ups. The EPL delivered some predictable results on Sunday and Monday, so one could precisely forecast the scores.

The key finding I made is this. The total prize you collect after the weekend does no really matter. It is more inspiring that I made bold and confident decisions, believing in my calculations. With the huge amount of statistics and information I found, I had little doubts while making tough decisions. Obviously I did not manage to conquer all tournaments, losing Full Round runs and some EPL games onFanTeam. But variety always brings defeats as you cannot control every campaign. I also tried to hack the system on some occasions choosing Sissoko instead of Townsend. I’ve made my mistakes, and I’ve made conclusions.

So look at the number of tournaments I played on FanTeam this weekend.

It all started with the news that FanTeam rolled out the Russian Premier League fantasy runs, and at first I was truly excited. The Russian top tier was my major interest several years ago, so I’ve got more than enough knowledge and experience in it. I should admit though that lately I’ve been following the league from time to time, and that was a problem I did not expect. I jumped into all open fantasy campaigns for the match Dinamo – Amkar, and I was harshly punished for that. Balanovich and Beciraj were my flops, with the Montenegrin taking a captain’s armband on DONs. The guys that played in the Belarusian league last season both hit the woodwork in the first half, and entered the hall of this week’s losers (that later welcomed Eriksen and Torres). This fiasco derailed me a bit. The Russian league brought nothing but gloom and defeats, and I should give more time to revising and reading the latest analyses later this week.

EPL Full Round tournaments were devastating as well. I’ve made some clever decisions putting King, Sigurdsson, Lascelles in the teams. There were no real jokers in the line-ups, but I still hit a good run, especially replacing Sissoko with Townsend.

Here are some good news. I continued to drive my special strategy for one-day tournaments, playing with only one team. This weekend proved me right with that approach. I place all my bets on the most likely scenario the match will take, and collect the team with that plan in mind. All Sunday runs that included three EPL matches and Monday Chelsea – Tottenham fixture earned me some cash and made the whole FanTeam weekend profitable.

Here are all my teams with a bit of explanation.

After Liverpool’s starting line-up was announced, I figured out I will not bet on clean sheets. I put together an attacking pool, believing in Swansea. I was a bit cautious to make Ayew a captain, realizing thought that his position in attack is more preferable than the one Sigurdsson had. Yet I played it safe.

In the clash between Man United and Leicester the predictions were hard to make, so I just picked the most effective and promising players, betting on a goalless draw. Martial goal and a bonus point for Blind who captained the side helped me to finish atop.

Southampton – Man City was a simple one for me. The Citizens played with a reserved squad, thinking about the Champions League tie against Real. It made no sense betting on the guys, so I picked up the best attacking players the Saints had, added one attacking midfielder and Hart who always makes saves. The captain’s choice was the hardest decision.

In the London derby between Chelsea and Tottenham I was sure both teams would score, so I focused on collecting the best attacking players, rather than building a defensive pool. First I was thinking about the combo Kane-– Ericsen – Costa, yet I could not pack them into one team, and I substituted Costa with Willian.

FantasyBet was the place I triumphed this week. First positive results came on Saturday when I brought back THE BOSS title. I recorded victory even with the wrong bets on captain and the goalkeeper, but Deeney, Townsend, Payet, Carroll, and Defor fought for me. The proudest thing is the substitutes bench with all players showing great games. I regained the title; AWD2 IS THE BOSS is now the name you can find on the site.

I’ve already celebrated victories in GRAND WEEKEND and THE BOSS, but in BIG FLASH I finished in the prize zone four times, but the first place had always escaped me. This time I picked the golden treble in FantasyBet tournaments, and I did it with style and a bit of luck. When the first player from the substitute’s bench takes 16 points, your only dream is for player from the starting line-up to take a break. So imagine my emotions when Aguero was rested, and I spent 90 anxious minutes persuading myself the forward would not come on the field. My dreams came true, and it brought me £240.00. Sigurdsson was my captain in the game, and it is a great lesson on the importance of vise-captains. He made a 12-point advantage over his closest competitor. Flashes have always been my thing, but after this episode they are my fantasy sport love.

Apart from those big prizes, I also enjoyedsmallervictories and first places in the tournaments CHELSEA VS TOTTENHAM, SUPER SUNDAY & MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL and PREMIER LEAGUE SUNDAY - WINNER TAKES ALL. With the correct predictions for Sunday and Monday matches, I cannot even say I was surprised by the wins.

Fanaments also promised me a lot, but it all changed dramatically. Tadic was a favoritepick of many fantasy managers, but I skipped the guy. Alexis Sanchez as a captain also let me down, so I took some DONs and missed 0.5 points in one campaign. It is not the first time I got in this trap, but this was the tournament with the lucrative prize of €40. Here is the list of the tournaments and the unlucky run I lost.

By the way I finished in top 15 in Aprillead board and received 5 euros, but I have not still got them on my account.


You might say that I repeat banal things all the time, but the simple rule is this - choosing the vice-captain and substitutes is the key to success. Do not think that it does not matter in the long run. This weekend showed me that it wins you big. I’ve told you about BIG FLASH, but it was not the only victory for me. PREMIER LEAGUE SUNDAY - WINNER TAKES ALL was conquered with the right vice-captain and the substitute player. Iheanacho replaced Pelle and bagged 12 points, and they made me the winner.

And here is a flip side of the same issue. I picked Aguero as a captain on WEEKEND FLASH, but the forward missed the game and Tadic collected 11 points instead. Yedlin ended up with a captain’sarmband (I still do not know how I chose him as a vice-captain), and only 1 point stood between me and the prizes. It seems that I lost my concentration, making a stupid decision and payed for that. Had I only picked Mane as a captain, I would finish first with £81.00 in the pocket. This defeat actually hurts.


With a strong performance on FantasyBet, wins on FanTeam and a small benefit on Fanatments, I made a great progress. I already made 26%, a quarter of my plan. What a journey!

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