Champions League fantasy preview. This week semi-finals, May 3– 4. Jokers and captains.

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TimeToDraftd issects the Champions League second leg semis and finds some great and affordable players, figures out the perfect captain for the midweek action and answers the major question –what you do with Ronaldo this week.

With no clear favorites coming from the first semi-final fixtures, the second leg clashes are full of suspense and expectation. But before we pour our analytical titbits into your head, here is the most important question we have this week.

How to play Ronaldo this week

We’ve read so many contradictory articles and news items about Ronaldo’sphysical condition, that painting an unbiased picture about his health is almost impossible. Yet two-day Champions League fantasy campaigns are not the right place for uncertainty, so you have to find solution for this problem. Every time Ronaldo is fit and one the field, his captaincy in any fantasy squad is unquestionable. This time the plan does not work.

When you put a player that costs as much as Ronaldo, it inevitably influences the whole squad. So picking up Ronaldo that will sit on the substitute’s bench will make a fatal impact on your strategy and chances to win. Leaving it all to football’s fate and the mastery of the club doctors, puts all the fantasy-tournaments at risk, and does not sound as the best decision ever made. The simple advice is to replace the attacking power to the Portuguese with the options you have.

The previous fixture at Etihad showed that without Ronaldo most attacks are started or mediated by Gareth Bale. The Welshman receives the ball from his teammates near the box and finds the best possible position to shoot on target. Bale shows less consistency in his efficientlythan Cristiano, so doubling the midfielder with Karim Benzema is the right move, as the Frenchman has all chances to make an appearance.

Match expectations

Real Madrid – Manchester City. The match at Etihad proved that Real has more chances to reach the final. The Citizens made only one shot on target, while the Galacticos had several chances to upset Joe Hart. We’ve got accustomed that under Zidane Real produces superb matches at Santiago Bernabeu, and after a goalless draw the English side faces a tough test. Manuel Pellegrini rested the team’s leaders during the weekend matches, while the Madrid-based club put some reserve players in the game against Sociedad. City stands little chances in Madrid, so betting on Real is highly advisable.

Bayern – Atletico.The bookies are still cautiously positive about the Munich side and give the team higher chances to win at home and quality for the decisive match. These evaluations are somewhat doubtful. Diego Simeone’s team always shows character and skill playing against the team that put possession first, as both matches against Barcelona and first tie against Bayern followed the same script. One more evident conclusion we can make so far - Bayern fails to impress in play-offs. Juventus was minutes away from prevailing in their clash,Benfica was unfortunate to miss too many scoring chances at home. The German team is sometimes slow and sloppy in defense, moves predictably in attacks and loses focus for some parts of the game. It is hard to believe that Atletico could not net one in this away game, and it undermines all the bets you put on Bayern defenders.



FanTeam prices for the players indicate that Atletico is an underdog at Allianz Arena, so almost every player of the Mattress makers is a potential joker. Yet you make your own predictions about the Munich match, and the direction it will take. If you place your bets on a defensive game from Atletico with zero conceded, pick up the cheapest defenders. If you expect Bayern to miss one, take the best attacking players from the Spanish team.

Filipe Luis (3.4,defender, Atletico) is the defender that has the biggest attacking potential in Atletico, scoring one and making four assists in 30 La Liga fixtures.

Juanfran(3.4, defender, Atletico) is the most experienced defender that gives great support to the attacks. He is a great choice if you do not like Filipe Luis for some reasons. Statistically Juanfran is less active in the offensive action that Luis, but he has already collected one assist in Champions League, while Filipe has none.

Saul (3.4, defender, Atletico) is the master behind the most important goal at Vicente Calderon in the first match. His record of assists in the team is only second to Griezmann.

Antoine Griezmann (7.4, forward, Atletico) is simply the best attacking player in the team right now.

Arturo Vidal (6.4, midfielder, Bayern) is the most energetic player in Bayern’s attack in play-off stage, yetFanTeam puts the lowest price on the guy, putting below only Sebastian Rode who cannot even get into the squad. You can put at shame these assessments and include Vidal into your side.

Thomas Muller (11.2, forward, Bayern) has almost identical attacking power with Robert Lewandowski, but his price is 5.1 percent lower, so he is a clear joker in the side.


Fernando Torres (4.0, forward, Atletico) was not a part of the team that clashed with Rayo this weekend, and it meansSimeonehas high hopes on the Spaniard in the fixture at Allianz Arena. Fanaments evaluates Torres with 4.0 points.

Robert Lewandowski (9.4, forward, Bayern) has a bit devalued price for a motivated player that will perform at home.

David Alaba (7.5, defender, Bayern) is the player with great attacking options that might ruin the opponent’s clean sheets. He was inches away from coring in Madrid; he can surely repeat it in the coming match.

Pepe (7.6, defender, Real) is the most likely forth player in Real defense, yet he is much cheaper and that fact turns him into potential joker. Do not forget that the Portuguese is remarkably good in any set piece, and with City defending harshly in Madrid, his chances to score rise greatly.

Raheem Sterling (6.1, midfielder, Manchester City) has the highest probability to come into action with Silva missing the game due to injury. With the value 6.1, you can put the English starlet into your team and make good use of him.

Kelechi Iheanacho (4.0, forward, Manchester City) is the guy to use when you have one spare slot but not many points left. He can deliver in his peak form.


FantasyBet does not change the prices of players, but there are not many Champions League runs on the site. The major one has an unlimited budget, so finding a jokerdoes not make sense. Yet if you want to play the freeroll SEMI-FINAL FREEROLL or the tournament SEMI-FINAL FIVER with £5.50 buy-in, you can find some underpriced players. We do not even talk about the attacking variants like Jese(7.0), Mayoral (6.0) and Vazquez (7.5) that might not be in the line-up. We bet on the players that are certain to bring advantage.

Javi Martinez (6.0, midfielder, Bayern) do not get confused with Javi’s position in the centerdefense. Every corner is a chance to score that he will use, so he is the cheapest and most promising option.

Saul (7.0, midfielder, Atletico) was praised by many after the first semi-finalfixture, but his price has not changed. Saul’s stats show he is not the most attacking player in the side, but he is the most efficient one.

Fernando Torres (7.5, forward, Atletico) is the guy to pick if you believe the Spaniards will score in Munich. The forward had the greatest chance to score in the home tie and was unlucky to hit a goal post.

Kelechi Iheanacho (8.0, forward, Manchester City) is the young forward that showed great play in the latest matches. His price is more reasonable than some other attackers have, and he has great chances to shine in the match.


The battle in Munich will be unpredictable and dynamic, so choosing a captain in Bayern or Atletico is tricky. If you want to play the risk, go for Lewandowski and Muller, while Atletico believers will choose Griezmann.

Real offers a more simple choice with Bale dominating the team, while Ronaldo and Benzema are not good enough to perform.

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