Premier Punt strikes a deal with Premier League and Championship clubs.

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The rising European fantasy sports platform Premier Punt signed partnership deals with a number of Premier League and Championship clubs. The names of the teams will be announced before the start of the season as the site prepares to launch a mobile app.

Premier Punt was created in late 2013 and started operations in March 2015 after receiving investments from several local and overseas shareholders and obtaining a UK license from the Gambling Commission. The platform prepares for the second investment round, striving to gain £800,000 for the development of the product and delivering more innovative experience to the players.

Premier Punt Co-Founder and Global Director John Gordon claimed that the team will develop the product, get more licenses, increase guaranteed pots and start a marketing campaign in the nearest future. Without any marketing push before, Premier Punt attracted over 8,000 registered players.

“When we have our big launch over the Euros and the new season, we will be delivering the product that the fans deserve. We’ll be taking fan engagement to the next level next season. Watch this space.” – underlined John Gordon in a statement.

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