Get lucky! Special freeroll £25 from TimeToDraft!

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Fantasybet is a place for its unusual tournaments. We decided to make the freeroll for the next EPL match day different again, and with a bit of luck you can win big here.

Join us inLUCKY FREEROLL £25 TIMETODRAFT.COM where you will get a selection of 72 players chosen in a random way. To pick up your team of 11 starters and 4 substitutes you can choose only the players from the selection. Every contestant of the lucky freeroll gets his own set of players, so your luck will decide what players come your way.Yet the system gives every player a level playing field based on the total cost of the players and the number of representatives from each club.

To take part in the tournament just follow the link bellow and click ENTER NOW FOR FREE. The event is available for registered users only, so if you are not a part of Fantasybet community, just sign up and start playing.

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