Why successful gamblers are destined to conquer DFS

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Have you been a successful gambler for a long time? Then you’ve got to try to play Fantasy Sport.

$5 million is the highest jackpot in the history of Fantasy sport and a good reason for you to pay attention to Daily Fantasy. Aaron Jones from the United States won this huge money back in January 2015, and it was just a third part of a hefty $15 million prize pool, paid out by DraftKings during Fantasy Football World Championship. Fantasy sport has already reached incredible heights in the USA and keeps growing. The game is about to storm the European market and you’d better catch up with such a promising venture from the very beginning to have advantage over fresh players and make bank from those who have not sorted out the new type of online competition yet.

In Europe Daily Fantasy Sport is mainly played by ordinary sports fans and Football Manager game amateurs, few of which take it seriously. That makes it a highly lucrative business for a betting professional. Fantasy sport’s key difference from betting lies in playing against real people who have no mathematical advantage, unlike betting analytical centers. At the same time experienced gambler has it all to be successful in Fantasy sport and is not expected to have any problems with switching to new discipline.

Six betting skills that will make you a successful Daily Fantasy Sport player

1. Mastering information. An experienced gambler knows exactly where to get secure information about key events in the life of a player or a team that can influence performances. And it’s not entirely about the injury lists, it is also about private matters and conflicts inside the team. If you know the date when Lionel Messi or Stephen Curry are not in the right mood, you might find lucrative underdog odds and avoid overpaying for these players. This will give you a decisive advantage over opponents.

2. Working on statistics. Stats are as important in Daily Fantasy as in betting, and you will have to dig even deeper in this game, as manager needs to be aware of both the team’s stats and every single player’s ones. The ability to find the right statistical information and apply it correctly when going for top results is an important betting skill that can be put to good effect in Daily Fantasy as well.

3. Good knowledge of second-string teams. Most DFS tournaments set a strict budget limit that makes it impossible for a manager to draft a squad full of superstars and makes you forget about Neymar-Messi-Suarez combination immediately. If you pick this trio for you squad, you’ll hardly have any funds left to find decent players to fill the remaining positions. Having this in mind you’ve got to approach second-string teams and find the right players that will be instrumental in your success in large tournaments.

It is impossible to be sitting on profits long-term without knowing the strong and weak sides of most teams in the league. This is the type of information that can be very helpful in search for cheap and odd players to complete your fantasy squad. Do you know when a mid-table team or an underdog is going to put in spectacular performance? You definitely know which players are going to be instrumental in this bombshell then.

4. The ability to catch ‘the top’. Prediction of the upcoming scoring performance and that of certain teams is extremely important when picking a fantasy squad. A successful gambler will easily predict the team that is going to score plenty of goals in the upcoming gameweek. Having this information, all you have to do is to pick the best attacking players from the ‘top’ team and get ready to make bank from their goals and assists. The ability to catch the ‘top’ is particularly important in using stacking. Manager’s experience in dealing with total number of goals scored in the game all but guarantees successful choice of attacking line.

5. The ability to predict clean sheets. This one mainly refers to football betting and is not a typical skill for experienced gamblers. The ‘team X will not score’-like bets are a drop in the bucket of all bets, however, low popularity of such bets is an additional advantage for managers possessing this skill as clean sheets are an important source of points for defenders and goalkeepers in Daily Fantasy. Masterful clean sheet prediction provides additional points for managers and increases the efficiency of the teams in the long run.

6. Playing by bankroll rules. Sometimes even experienced Fantasy players are not aware of the importance of having a sound bankroll, which leaves them losing big money in competitions that are truly out of their budget. There is no sport without odd results, acts of God or common failures, and you need to be able to play safe. Naturally, experienced gamblers and poker guys are aware of that and don’t have problems choosing the right tournaments that would match their bankroll.

You’ve got to use the same information while playing Daily Fantasy and betting, the difference is that you need to look at it at different angles. Fantasy sport is no longer pure entertainment, it has turned into a profitable business. Do not pass by an attractive opportunity to discover a new lucrative business if you have what it takes for successful performance.

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