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We are launching a Daily Fantasy NBA column on our website and are going to cover all questions arising while playing Fantasy basketball. If you have any comments, want to chat or leave feedback, feel free to visit our forum. Meanwhile we will be sharing our views on Fantasy basketball strategy and tactics that will hopefully help you to be successful in the tournaments.

In the first article of the series we will outline five Daily Fantasy NBA rules that will make you successful in the emerging game. Here they are.

1. Put your emotions aside

If you are a defiant Houston Rockets fan or able to argue yourself hoarse over who is a better player between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, enchain your emotions before picking a Fantasy team of the day. Doesn’t sound too attractive, but this is the only way to succeed in the game. Picking favorite players, sentimental memories of good old times or family traditions of supporting a team — none of this is going to help you beat the rivals. You can only count on success when building a team based on cynical cold math. Trust me, if the leader of your arch-enemy hammers your favorite team in the finals and helps you hit the jackpot, you will quickly forget about the pain.

2. Remember math lessons

Take your time to thoroughly study the point scoring rules before getting down to picking your team. The biggest share of points is delivered by players who make triple-doubles, steals, blocks and combined elements of different technical actions. Hence, it makes perfect sense to overpay for such players. And they are not necessarily big names: Some Rajon Rondo of struggling Sacramento might perform just as good as all-round star players like LeBron James or Russell Westbrook. Calculate the value of every point scored by the player considering his price. Say, it is easy to see the cap that gets you to the top within a month or two if you assess daily results. Knowing that, you can basically roughly calculate an average price tag, put on the performer, and deviate from it in any direction you want upon choosing the strategy. Some managers hope to make bank on expensive players and complete their teams with tall rotation guys, doing plenty of dirty work in their NBA clubs. Others tend to put their faith in forwards and centers instead and try to find steals (the odd guys with inexpensive prices and modest names) among small forwards.

Fanaments scoring

3. Monitor injuries

Entries to the tournaments on Fantasy website closes minutes before the opening tip in the first match of the day. This time is just enough for checking the status of your picks through Twitter and a number of other supporting sources like rotoworld.com. Besides, this will help you to approve your initial choice and hint at the area where you can find some cheap points for nothing. Let’s say Blake Griffin’s injury meant a large number of shots would switch to Chris Paul, J.J. Redick and their direct substitutes. Of all players whose price tags did not correspond with the changed status at the moment, only Wesley Johnson was a shooting player, consistent enough to be selected into the fantasy team.

Besides, the timely information about injuries makes you understand the style of the teams and rotation inside the squads better. This, in turn, gives understanding of the things that need to be paid additional attention to in Fantasy world, correcting the initial pick.

4. Follow the calendar

As surprising as it may sound for some amateurs, professional athletes (even the NBA players) are made of blood and muscle. Hence they get older, need recovery time after surgeries and get tired just like ordinary people. So don’t be too picky on athletes who play two days in a row or perform in the final game of the away series. Dwyane Wade with his fragile knees or Dwight Howard with ongoing back problems will hardly be role models for their teammates on two straight nights. These dips in form will influence their personal statistics. Superstar players returning from recent injuries will hardly be of huge help to their teams either. Even Kyrie Irving in the prime of his sport life could not hit decent form for some time after returning from surgery. The abovementioned Rajon Rondo, who has played an entire 48 minutes without a single substitution, will never show his best performance the following day, regardless of what he says in the interview.

5. Read and watch

There are hoards of Fantasy amateurs around the world so you can steal a cool strategy or overhear some good advice in virtually any language. All you need to do is pick the right platform that would match your idea about basketball and take positives from it. Study any strategic data you can reach, including information provided by the official NBA website. You will not find direct guidelines to successful fantasy performance, but will easily get important information about shots, injury history, troublesome and easy rivals and more. These stats will make your task of picking the team much easier.

Watching basketball game at night is not the biggest of pleasures. However, sacrificing several hours of sleep or downloading some matches from the net will never hurt if you want to be successful in the game. Spurs’ switch to playing two slow power forwards, Clippers’ gamble on quick flanks, Toronto spurts, performed by the light five – all this can only be taken into consideration when watching and analyzing the games. Contextual game plan transformations can easily change the team’s scoring results. Being quick at noticing that and making the right conclusions will help you make up a non-standard move that will put you ahead.

Hopefully, we’ve given you some useful pieces of advice that you will use while picking your fantasy team. We are going to have a deeper look at the aspects of building successful fantasy team in the following articles as well.

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