Daily Fantasy Football: 8 tips for new players

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Timetodraft.com reveals how to avoid typical mistakes and start winning in Daily Fantasy Sport.

1. Keep searching and never give up

Daily Fantasy is a relatively new entertainment. Despite that, dozens of web platforms offer hundreds of different tournaments with various rules these days. Hence you should not play absolutely all of them, it makes sense to show some patience and find the right tournaments based on sporting events that you love. Top football competitions, NHL, KHL, NBA – if you fancy any of these, you’ll definitely find what you need.

The same approach should be applied to tournament formats: you can find gameweek competitions or single game tournaments. Set your sight on the one you are interested in and follow this direction.

2. Never stop studying

If you happen to think that you know everything and even more about your favorite sport, Daily Fantasy will quickly get you back on Earth. It is not enough for a good player to keep up with the beloved sport, the real champions must soak incredible amounts of information about the relevant league and try to benefit from all sorts of insider data about the teams. Torino replaced the goalkeeping coach? Ingolstadt plays at the empty stadium with no supporters? Sivasspor defender celebrates his birthday? Even this kind of information can represent a boost for a smart player. Never stop thinking and keep reading a lot!

3. Learn the rules thoroughly

Opinions differ, they say. Likewise, fantasy platforms differ as well. Some use an old school points’ scoring system: they only give points for goals, assists or clean sheets. Some count shots on goal, successful tackles and saves, and deduct points for fouls. Some platforms favor defenders, others hail forwards.

After choosing the right platform you’ve got to take time, study the rules and understand all specific features. Otherwise you will have to face a regretful losing streak.

4. Set your goals

Having understood the algorithm of the scoring system, you will need to check the rules of prize pool distribution. Your goals will directly influence your tactics. For example, if you play a freeroll with 150 participants and one winner, you’d better actively use stacking: the risky gambling on representatives of a single team can deliver stunning success. If you play a 50/50 tournament, forget about stacking and try to pick players from 11 different teams. At the same time, playing a tournament with progressive payout, where you need to finish among the top players, you’d better find a balance between stacking and diversification. To put it short, setting the goals wisely will never hurt.

5. Kill your inner fan

Surprisingly, even mature players follow their hearts and emotions and pick clearly wrong players they feel for in real life. This is something you should absolutely avoid doing (if you want to be successful, of course). A strong player doesn’t fancy any clubs: impersonal statistics is the only weapon to be used, as it will guide you to success, preventing from letting emotions take advantage of your common sense.

6. Pick the captain carefully

Choosing the right captain is the basics of Fantasy. A good choice automatically gives your team a strong advantage over opponents and denies minor blunders in team selection. At the same time, failing to pick the right captain will basically ruin the chances to get a good result, unless all other players put in superb performances and make amends for your mistake. That is why I recommend you to spend up to half of all the time dedicated to team selection on choosing the right captain.

And you can’t go cheap on that one, either.

7. Check your lineup 30 minutes before kick off

Any player can tell you many vibrant stories about missing out on winning a large tournament by mere three points, and these points being denied due to keeping some dead souls in the squad.

The author of this article failed in a German freeroll just a week ago due to picking Marco Reus as a captain, while the player missed the game against Ingolstadt, suffering from an intestinal infection just hours before kick off. Had I been able to check my squad one hour before the tournament start, I would have replaced Reus and would go on to win the tournament. However, I made a mistake.

Thus you’d better learn from this one and keep it in mind.

8. Learn from your mistakes

Few people star from the very first games. A typical new Fantasy player goes through a thorny way after signing up for the game, and there is nothing odd about it. However, some people do not learn from the losses and keep repeating their mistakes. Others analyze the failures and learn priceless lessons. We hope you will be more of a second group player.

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