Fanaments. How to get the best of the points’ scoring system.

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TimeToDraft observer Oleg Smolerov explains the importance of profound understanding of the scoring system to Daily Fantasy success, illustrated through platform.

We have thoroughly reviewed Europe’s most popular fantasy-platforms in the article about the differences in scoring systems. The vast majority of the platforms (FantasyBet, FanTeam, PremierPunt, DraftGaming) use the FPL system applying minor changes like introducing the Bonus Point System or avoiding it. However, one of Europe’s most popular platforms, Fanaments, uses a slightly modified points scoring system, and you’ll hardly be successful in this fantasy-platform without digging into the rules.

The average total of points, scored by players of different positions is more or less equal courtesy of several additional parameters, introduced to the scoring system on Fanaments. The list of English Premier League 15 most effective players after 16 tours includes 6 forwards, 4 midfielders, 2 defenders and 3 goalkeepers.

The list of 15 best players sorted by the average points per game stats is even more impressive. There are 4 forwards, 4 midfielders, 5 defenders and 2 goalkeepers. Luke Shaw and Vincent Kompany would definitely have more points in the general table but for the injuries. It is not the case with Joseph Gomez and Marcos Rojo, who got on the list courtesy of several bright performances in just a few matches that they managed to play during the season.

Goals and assists are undoubtedly important on Fanaments, but they are not ultimately decisive as there are many other parameters taken into consideration, including:

Successful tackle



Second assist

Shot on target

Penalty earned

Plays less than 60 min

Plays more than 60 min

Own goal

Penalty conceded

Penalty missed

Yellow card

Red card


Penalty saved


Clean sheet


Goal conceded

Blocked off line

Let’s have a detailed look into midfield. There are two types of players: attacking midfielders, earning points for goals and assists, and holding midfielders, making many interceptions and winning tackles. Here are two classical representatives of the first type:

Kevin De Bruyne (12 matches, 4 goals, 6 assists, 6 shots on target, 11 successful tackles, 10 interceptions) – 107.5 points

Christian Eriksen (13 matches, 2 goals, 6 assists, 11 shots on target, 18 successful tackles, 23 interceptions) – 110 points

Prominent examples of the second type:

Etienne Capoue (16 matches, 0 goals, 1 assist, 5 shots on target, 56 successful tackles, 62 interceptions) – 105 points

Robbie Brady (16 matches, 1 goal, 1 assist, 9 shots on target, 66 successful tackles, 38 interceptions) – 112 points

In his best match Robbie Brady scored 14.5 points (2 shots on target, 14 successful tackles, 3 interceptions). Kevin De Bruyne only managed to beat this record twice, upon scoring a goal and making two assists and hitting 25 and 21.5 points respectively. Eriksen has also beaten Brady’s record twice, scoring twice on first occasion (21.5 total points) and making two assists on another (16 points).

The most efficient box-to-box players combine both traits, playing equally well in front of opponent’s goal and doing a lot of dirty defensive work at the back. Such players rarely have games to forget and tend to deliver permanent result to fantasy managers week in week out.

Yohan Cabaye (16 matches, 5 goals, 1 assist, 9 shots on target, 69 successful tackles, 57 interceptions) – 157 points

James Milner (15 matches, 2 goals, 3 assists, 5 shots on target, 70 successful tackles, 37 interceptions) – 120 points

The charts below show that both players rarely slip below an average 5 points a tour.

Riyad Mahrez and Mesut Ozil may stay at the top of the list, recording a vast number of goals and assists, but they are rather an exception than a rule. Players hitting such an incredible form are extremely expensive, but deliver good points most of the tours.

It works for defenders in a similar manner. Clean sheet is a very important yet not the only parameter that earns good points for defensive players. Chris Smalling remains in the top pool of the defenders’ list both because of Manchester United’s good clean sheet series at the start of the championship and huge share of personal work done: 41 successful tackles and 75 interceptions. In the first game of the season against Tottenham Hotspur Chris Smalling got six points for a clean sheet and 10 points for successful tackles and interceptions (2+18), and he is just a vivid example. A good defender typically earns about five additional points for additional actions in a solid game, which almost matches the points received for a clean sheet.

Goalkeepers are in the class of their own on Fanaments as their performance is valued particularly well. Every save brings one point to a goalkeeper, thus six saves equal a clean sheet. Likewise, every claim is also valued, adding up to the total score. Jack Butland is this season’s absolute leader, remaining in the list of top five goalkeepers by total points. Stoke City goalkeeper has made 67 saves (67 points) and recorded 7 clean sheets (42 points). This makes an in-form goalkeeper from a mid-table team a golden goose. If his performance is completed with a clean sheet, you will have a tremendous points’ scorer in your team.

The choice of forwards is much more straightforward. Goals have always been the indicator they are assessed by and Fanaments platform is no exception. The more the forward scores, the higher he is in the ranking, and additional parameters are not really intervening.

As a result, Fanaments offers the managers an honest criterion of the players’ contribution to the team’s performance. Centre back, intercepting the lion’s share of opponent’s dangerous attacks and recording a clean sheet or a hard-working holding midfielder will be better appreciated than a winger, running idle for 90 minutes. One conceded goal will not let down the goalkeeper, saving shots effortlessly the rest of the game.

Having all this information in mind, we can safely conclude that it is the current form of this or that player that matters most while playing on Fanaments, regardless of position. This is the first thing to understand when drafting a squad for a tour.

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