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Fantasy sport is a game based on all sorts of sport events with playing for real money. Fantasy sport’s rules are easy to understand for beginners – the tutorial will only take a couple of minutes and should not cause any difficulties for any sports fans. Playing fantasy sport will make watching favorite sport events even more emotional and exciting and could also become a lifelong hobby for some enthusiasts.

Fantasy sport became extremely popular in the USA and Canada, with enormous prize pools reaching dozens of millions of dollars. Then it moved across the ocean to Europe, where fantasy football was destined to have the biggest impact. It should be noted that fantasy sport is not an emerging trend at all. The game has been around for more than 50 years, but only managed to make it to the masses and attract many players with real money in recent years.

How to play fantasy sport for real money

Fantasy sport is all about picking a personal team from real sportsmen. Rules may vary depending on sport, particular competition and fantasy platform, picking terms may differ as well, but the idea is the same: the manager receives a certain budget and needs to spend it on the ideal combination of players who will perform better than others. The rules defining the valuation of the players’ performance may have significant differences from one fantasy platform to another, and beginners are encouraged to study the points’ scoring system in the first place to get an idea about the game.

Quite a lot of fantasy platforms have already emerged in Europe. Football is the main sport, but basketball, ice hockey, American football, martial arts and even poker tournaments are also offered. Fantasy platforms’ owners keep introducing unique competition rules to attract the audience so newcomers have an opportunity to choose the most interesting options. Here you can find the list of the most popular European fantasy platforms to play online, available for players from all over the world.

Fantasy sport platforms offer various interfaces, range of sports and tournament types, but the main distinction lies in scoring system. The scoring system calculates points based on players’ performance. Let’s take football tournaments as an example as it is the most popular sport in Europe. Some fantasy platforms put the main emphasis on goals, assists and clean sheets alone, others try to determine the player’s contribution to the team’s performance and calculate such nuances as goalkeeper’s claims or completed passes. Players in different positions are evaluated by different standards, so the manager can become really creative, plotting the game plan and picking the right positions to stress on. Beginners generally pick the easier platforms, but once they puzzle out the scoring systems, they move on to more sophisticated tournaments.

Fantasy sport is developing quickly and fantasy platforms offer more and more types of tournaments to keep managers interested. We will now take a look at the main tournament types so that the beginners could have a better understanding of fantasy sport basics. We have already mentioned division by sports, but there is also division by leagues. And despite the fact that there are combined tournaments, managers will most likely pick the team inside one league.

Fantasy sport distinguishes season-long and weekly tournaments. In season-long tournaments manager picks his team at the start of the season and works with it during the entire campaign. In weekly competitions team is selected week in week out and results of the previous gameweeks have no effect on the manager’s current position. Weekly and daily tournaments are called Daily Fantasy. Season-long competitions are bulky and often time-wasting, hence they are not as popular as daily fantasy tournaments which offer the chance to win in the space of one gameweek or even one day.

The rules of tournament prize pool distribution:

  • Standard – progressive prize pool distribution, based on manager’s final position in the table. The higher position is the bigger the winning is as well.
  • Double or Nothing, 50/50, 50-50 – managers finishing in the top half of the final table double the buy-in excluding commission.
  • Winner Takes All – manager with the most points scored at the end of the tournament collects the entire prize pool. Naturally, such prize pool distribution makes the managers risk more and try to pick odd teams.
  • Expanded – uneven prize pool distribution, often featuring distribution between the best three managers in 50%-30%-20% ratio.

There are winning strategies for all of the tournament types. To have better understanding of differences in fantasy sport tactical approach depending on tournament type, newcomers can have a look at ‘The winning strategy for 50/50 tournaments’ article.

There are numerous additional options that help to create completely unique tournaments:

  • Heads Up – One-on-One tournaments, where your task is to beat the only opponent.
  • Guaranteed (GPP) – guaranteed tournaments with a preset minimum prize pool that cannot be reduced even if the total buy-in amount from all participants does not cover the claimed prize pool. Such tournaments are mainly popular due to overlays: situations when buy-ins do not cover the guaranteed amount and there is a chance of winning big having to beat fewer opponents. Clear understanding of overlay system can significantly increase the efficiency of one’s game.
  • No Captain – tournaments with no captain. Most fantasy tournaments entitle you to choose a captain who doubles his points. No Captain tournaments do not offer this option.
  • Non-Standard Budget – tournaments with off standard budget. This could be both increased budget, allowing you to pick more star players, and reduced budget, suitable for those who like to look for cheap yet efficient options. To be successful in fantasy sport you should be proficient in both tournaments types.
  • Flash Mode – tournaments with limited time to pick the team. They are better suited for experienced managers which are able to choose the right players quickly. Flash Mode makes fantasy tournaments more dynamic and demands many adventurous decisions. Newcomers do not fancy such tournaments as they don’t provide enough time for team selection which may end up in a failure.
  • Multi-Entry – tournaments with the possibility of multiple entries by one manager. This option gives a chance to pick different teams for the same tournament and increase the odds of success. Fantasy sport is a versatile game and the search of a single correct solution often stipulates different approaches to team selection.
  • Satellite – qualification tournaments offering entry tickets for major fantasy sport competitions.

How to play fantasy sport for free

One can quickly figure out how to play fantasy sport by joining freeroll competitions. Freerolls are the tournaments with free entry and small prize pools. Such tournaments are especially useful for beginners who can get an idea of a fantasy competition and get to know the fantasy platform without the risk of losing real money. Freerolls are offered by many popular platforms, while the official season-long fantasy game of the English Premier League called FPL is totally free of charge, being a perfect option for inexperienced fantasy football players. Fantasy Premier League attracts more than 3 million managers every year.

Fantasy Sport is a versatile thing that requires plenty of experiments to get deep understanding of the processes which are going on in different fantasy tournaments. Freerolls provide such a possibility without additional expenses.

Where to play fantasy sport

Every single fantasy platform strives to offer unique services to its users. Inexperienced players tend to pick the platforms with simple points’ scoring systems, however, once they get accustomed to fantasy sport’s specific features, they move on to more sophisticated tournaments. Understanding of conditions favoring manager’s success comes along with experience, yet it takes quite a lot of having a go on as many platforms as possible to gain this experience.

On our website you can find the list of the most popular European platforms where anyone can play fantasy sports as well as detailed descriptions of tournaments and interfaces. With the help of our guides and articles you will easily find a perfect place for you to play fantasy sports.

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