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Oulala is an English-language Daily Fantasy Football platform, registered in Malta and licensed in Great Britain. Oulala pays special attention to the safety of players’ money, operating through public certification centre Thawte. The platform has two main specific features: a unique points’ scoring system, calculating a broad range of players’ actions, and the possibility to make substitutions during matches. Oulala uses the stats, provided by OPTA.

Oulala has a partnership agreement with an English Premier League club Leicester City and offers interesting tournaments for the Foxes’ games every now and then.

Types of Fantasy

All available tournaments can be found in the ‘League’ tab. Oulala only offers football tournaments.

Football leagues:

- Spanish La Liga;

- French Ligue 1;

- English Premier League;

- Italian Serie A.

The structure of prize pool distribution:

- WINNER TAKES ALL - the entire prize pool goes to the manager who scores the most points.

- TOP 3 PLAYERS - the entire prize pool is distributed between the best three players in the ratio of 50%-30%-20%.

- TOP THIRD WIN - the entire prize pool is shared between the best three players in equal parts.

Oulala offers common competition division by the number of players:

- LEAGUE - tournaments with more than two participants;

- HEAD TO HEAD - one-on-one tournaments.

All tournaments on Oulala platform are daily. You choose a playing day upon creating a tournament and the matches from four leagues available on the platform are offered. You can mix them up as you wish, while the only restriction is the minimum number of matches to choose, which is two.

A team consists of 11 players and should be lined up in one of the following systems: 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 5-3-2, 5-4-1, i.e. a goalkeeper, 3-5 defenders, 3-5 midfielders and 1-3 forwards. This is where some unorthodox features of the Oulala platform start. You can draft as many players from one team as you like, and complete the starting 11 with 1 to 6 substitute players, used in the case of live-coaching.

Oulala is the first fantasy-platform with an attempt to bring the real time substitution system to life. Every manager can make up to three substitutions in his fantasy-team during matches. Players can only be substituted during real matches, and there are certain limitations for that, which can only be perceived with time and experience. It is a new option, which is not quite clear for fantasy managers. It makes you spend more time managing your team, but the option definitely delivers some advantages in return: a chance to replace an injured or substituted for some other reason player. The points’ scoring system used on Oulala is also uncommon and extremely sophisticated. The platform strives to consider basically all actions of footballers that can be recorded, based on OPTA-provided stats. Pretty much everything from cross interceptions to unsuccessful corner kicks is counted while calculating the points. Naturally, the points’ scoring depends on players’ position.

Payment services

You can make a deposit to Oulala account by using VISA and MasterCard only. The minimum deposit is €15.00, the maximum - €200.00.


Find the PLAY NOW button among dozens of other ones on the website’s main page to register on the platform. Make up a nickname and a password, write an e-mail and the country of residence, confirm your full age and accept the terms and conditions of the website.

You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation code that needs to be entered into the special form on the website, available after registration. Click the VERIFY MY ACCOUNT button next. You will see the account log in form after that.


Oulala platform does not provide many bonus offers. There is no first deposit bonus, no VIP program, no freerolls, no guaranteed tournaments. Oulala offers to invite friends to the platform and there is even a special invitation form encouraging to use Facebook, Google+ or Twitter for that, however no bonuses are awarded for attracting new players.


Oulala operates in two languages, English and French. The language can be changed through the drop-down menu in the website’s footer. All available tournaments are displayed in the ‘Leagues’ tab. The tournaments’ list can be filtered by name, number of players and buy-in. Information about the current number of players, maximum number of players, buy-in, prize fund and start time is provided for every tournament. The columns can be sorted out by descending and ascending when clicking the titles.

Upon clicking the tournament’s name, comprehensive information about it is displayed in the pop-up menu: list of the matches, list of the managers who have confirmed participation and the prize pool distribution structure. To take part in the tournament, click the JOIN LEAGUE button.

The manager then gets to the team selection menu. Here you can pick the preferred formation, change the team’s name (OuLaLa FC is set by default), sort the list of the players by position, league, club and price. There is a field displaying the remaining budget. The list of the tournament’s matches can be seen by clicking the FIXTURES. The CLEAR TEAM button will help you to delete the players selected before.

Just below that there is an original lifeline, providing a helpful guideline for replacing the drafted players. This is a new feature, introduced for live-coaching.

The general list of the tournaments contains the CREATE NEW LEAGUE button, enabling you to create your own fantasy-tournaments. The manager enters the league’s name, picks a match day, selects any number of available matches, exceeding two, specifies the tournament type (LEAGUE or HEAD TO HEAD), buy-in, the maximum number of participants and the prize pool distribution system.

All tournaments the manager has signed up for will be displayed in the ‘My Teams’ tab. All tournaments are divided into current, upcoming, completed and won in this section.

‘Blog’ is the next tab. Oulala platform takes the blog quite seriously, updates it regularly and keeps the users informed on the latest events in football world and fantasy in particular. The articles in the blog section can be sorted by the following categories:

- All Blog Categories - all articles of the blog;

- Fantasy Football News - news of fantasy-football;

- Football News - football news;

- Stat Attack - statistical posts;

- Oulala News - Oulala fantasy-platform news.

The Forum tab comes next, taking users to Oulala platform’s forum, a place hosting quite an active discussion, especially on match days.

The following tab, called Help, is a very important one. This is where you can find comprehensive information on the scoring, live-coaching and other Oulala fantasy-platform specialties. Scoring is formed into a long table, demonstrated before. The rules of the game are divided into sections with links to explanations. There is a FAQ section, divided into several categories for better navigation. The ‘Help’ section is only available in English and French languages.

If you have any questions regarding the fantasy-platform’s functioning, click the ‘Contact Us’ button and get redirected to the contact form. In the bottom right corner of the website there is a ‘Leave a message’ form, enabling users to start a live chat.

Users can change personal details, check the history of the games and transactions on the account page. There is also a button, disabling privacy settings. If you tick the ‘Other league members can see my team’ phrase, other managers will be able to see your lineup. Situated on the account page, ‘My Tickets’ is an important tab, containing the user’s questions to the fantasy-platform.

Oulala platform is an active user of social networks, providing links to them in the footer next to the language change menu:

- Facebook;

- Twitter;

- Google+;

- Youtube;

- Pinterest.


- unorthodox points’ scoring system;

- unique live-coaching model;

- accessibility for players from all over the world.


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