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FantasyBet is a football fantasy platform without any geographical restrictions for users. Daily fantasy, standard season tournaments and unusual flash-competitions — FantasyBet will please you with variety of formats. The platform was licensed in Curacao in 2015 and is available to play from CIS countries. GBP is the game’s currency.

Types of tournaments

  • Guaranteed Payout — tournaments with guaranteed prize pool regardless of the number of players.
  • No Captain — tournaments without option to choose captain.
  • Non-Standard Budget — tournaments with the budget different from familiar 100 million. It can be either cut down (85 million) or unlimited.
  • Flash Mode — unusual tournament with just three minutes available for managers to set up the team. If a manager fails to pick a complete team in three minutes, his lineup will be filled with random players.
  • Full List — common tournament with the players from all of the teams participating in the gameweek available for selection.
  • Lucky Player List — every manager gets a random set of 70 players.
  • Unique Player List — every manager gets a unique set of 70 players. Naturally, the number of managers who can take part in such tournaments is limited.
  • Shared Player List — all managers get an identical set of 70 randomly selected players.

Payout structure

  • Progressive Payout — the higher position in the tournament is, the more manager is paid.
  • Expanded — tournaments with uneven distribution of the prize pool. For example, the first three players get the biggest share of the prize pool, while players outside of top three only get a small compensation.
  • Double or Nothing — the top half of the table doubles the buy-in while the bottom half does not get anything.
  • Winner Takes All — manager who scores the most points picks up the entire prize pool of the tournament.
  • Just For Fun — tournaments with free entry and absence of any prizes.



There are many freerolls but most of them are fun ones with small prize pools. Nevertheless, there are actually worthy offers that are mainly based on English Premier League games. There are freerolls with a prize pool of £100 and progressive payout structure for every PL’s gameweek. Furthermore, there are Flash Mode freerolls with a prize pool of £50.

Guaranteed tournaments

There are tournaments with guaranteed prize pool matching all of the popular buy-ins.

(First) deposit bonus

Platform has no constant bonus although promo-codes are appeared from time to time. The most popular ones are FIRST (200% bonus if it’s your first deposit) and TRIPLE (available for any deposit if you don’t get bonus earlier).


First and foremost, FantasyBet website easily adapts to any devices and resolutions.

Team selection page is divided into three segments: the team itself, players list and tournament games. Players list can be sorted by price, position and club, although sorting by statistical data is not available unlike many of other fantasy platforms. Players who are doubtful for the upcoming game are marked with different colors. There is a watchlist of selected players who the manager wants to monitor.

There is an AUTOCOMPLETE button that will pick the team instead of manager. The available bank for team selection can be found in the upper left corner. A little lower you will find number of players in each position which is still to be picked as well as captain’s and vice-captain’s choice. The team can be reset by clicking the RESET MY TEAM button. The players’ gameweek stats can be seen by clicking the Click to view stats button. To save the changes after selecting the team, captain and vice-captain, you will need to click the SUBMIT TEAM button. When playing weekly tournaments you can make unlimited transfers before deadline.

Scoring system

Classic scoring system with bonus points for the best players of each game is utilized on the platform.


  • unique kinds of fantasy tournaments;
  • freerolls;
  • plenty of tournaments with guaranteed prize pool;
  • deposit bonus.

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