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Zweeler is a popular European fantasy sport platform with enormous pool of sport events and nonstandard interface, available in Russian language and for players from CIS countries. Licensed in Malta in 2010, the platform has already attracted a large loyal audience.

Zweeler is a multi-directional platform, covering most of the popular sports and offering managers Pick’Em and fantasy kind of tournaments. Any manager who gets used to the structure and interface of the platform will be able to find an interesting competition to join.


  • Football (UEFA Champions League, European Championships, English Premier League, La Liga, League 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, Eredivisie and more);
  • American football (NFL);
  • Basketball (NBA, EuroBasket);
  • Biathlon;
  • Rally;
  • Darts;
  • Golf;
  • Motorcycle racing;
  • Snooker;
  • Cross-country;
  • Cycling;
  • Skating;
  • Skiing;
  • Tennis.

Types of tournaments

  • Pick’Em — managers need to predict outcome and goal difference of games of a certain tournament. Every successful prediction gets you points. The player who beats the rivals for points wins.
  • Fantasy — managers need to pick a certain number of players whose performances are evaluated according to special scoring table. The manager with the highest scoring team wins.

Zweeler’s specific feature is the presence of fantasy tournaments where you pick not just players but entire teams. National football teams for Euro 2016 or UEFA Champions League clubs, to name a few.

Scoring system

Scoring used on Zweeler is just as odd as the interface. Let’s have a look at football to understand the difference from other platforms. Goals, assists, clean sheets, yellow and red cards are the only statistical parameters counted, and the first three of them have different values depending on the player’s position. Regardless of time played, players get one point for making an appearance. The main difference from other fantasy platforms lies in additional points for players depending on the game’s result. A win delivers two points for each player, a draw gets one point, while a loss doesn’t get anything.


  • €5 from TimeToDraft

Conditions for obtaining the deposit:

1. Sign up on the platform via the link on our website.

2. Leave your nickname in a special forum thread.

  • First deposit bonus

You will get a 100% bonus for the first deposit on Zweeler, provided that it is bigger than €25. The maximum bonus is €100. Bonus is automatically added to your balance after the first deposit, however, you cannot withdraw the bonus money. They can be used for tournament entries as follows: 90% of buy-in is paid from the main balance, 10% is taken from the bonus balance. Bonus expires in 6 months.

  • Bonus for a second deposit

At times Zweeler grants an additional reload bonus to players as a temporary promotion. It works in the same way as the first deposit bonus: the deposit amount should exceed €25, and the maximum deposit is €100. Valid for 6 months, the reload bonus can only be used once.

  • Jackpots

Jackpots are an attractive bonus for Pick’Em tournaments’ participants. You’ve got to predict the outcome of all games in the tournament to fight for an additional impressive prize, without need to predict the exact goal difference. Regular players know that jackpots represent a good opportunity to consolidate their bankrolls as jackpot’s size significantly exceeds tournament prize pool. For example, with a Pick’Em tournament prize pool being €75, the guaranteed jackpot reaches €300.


Zweeler interface is notably differs from most of the platforms. There is a block with latest tournaments’ winners and a slider with some of the most attractive upcoming competitions above the tournaments list.

There is all information you might need about every tournament: kind of sport, buy-in amount, date and time of the tournament start, prize pool, jackpot amount and time left to start. It is important to pay attention to the Teams column, having values like 39/52, where 39 is a number of paid teams and 52 being a number of all teams created. On most other platforms the first number would stand for the total entries, the second would refer to the number of entries available. Generally, players who have spent much time on other fantasy platforms should pay attention to Zweeler designations as there are plenty of minor differences.

Click ENTER>> to join a Pick’Em tournament. You can find the prize pool, jackpot amount and time left to start in the tournament lobby. Results selection field is placed just below. You’ve got to pick an outcome and goal difference for every game. The number of jokers is indicated at the top right corner. Click the circle in the ‘J’ column to use a joker. Ticking the ‘I’ column will insure the result. Joker will double your points for the selected game while insurance excludes possibility to predict goal difference or use a joker. Successful outcome prediction for the game with insurance delivers 7 points (instead of regular 10) while the wrong prediction delivers 3 points (instead of 0). Scoring system in Pick’Em tournaments is quite simple: the right outcome gives you 10 points, the right goal difference adds 2 points more.

At the left side of the tournament lobby there is an option to save the current team and create a new one. There is a button of a return to the home page as well as a menu with all necessary information about the selected tournament: rules of the tournament (Game rules), FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), prize pool amount and its distribution system (Prizes), current tournament results (Rankings). Besides, there is an invitation button for your friends (Tell a friend).

Let's have a look to tennis tournament lobby to get an idea of Zweeler lobbies. There is a menu with rules, prize pool, FAQ, schedule, statistics and an option to join leagues on the left. In the middle you will see the available budget and the list of tennis players chosen by the manager. The list of tennis tournament participants to pick from is laced on the right side. The schedule grid that will help you to consider future rivalries is placed below.

In the upper menu of the website there are links to the platform’s messaging service (alarm clock symbol), list of the player’s teams (My lineups), list of the player’s completed tournaments (My results), link to personal page (My account) and the log out button. On ‘My account’ page there are buttons of money deposit/withdrawal, personal information page, page of bonuses and description of all Zweeler promotions. You can change personal information, password, interface language and email, as well as subscribe/unsubscribe from Zweeler mailing. Here you can also set playing limits or block account if necessary.


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