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Premier Punt is an English-language Daily Fantasy Football platform, registered in Edinburgh and having a British license from 2015. The platform is available for players from all over the world. It is a new platform and the interface is constantly upgrading, the number of leagues and competitions available for playing is growing. Premier Punt platform uses the stats provided by OPTA.

Types of Fantasy

All available games are displayed in the DASHBOARD tab. Premier Punt only offers football competitions. There are few tournaments types on the platform, thus they can only be sorted by length.

Football leagues:

- EPL;

- Champions League;

- English Championship (will be launched soon).

Tournament length:

-Weekly Games - tournaments covering all matches of a tour;

- Daily Games - tournaments covering matches inside one match day;

- Single Games - tournaments covering one single match.


- £2.00;

- £5.00;

- £10.00;

- £20.00;

- £50.00.

Here is the table used on Premier Punt, reflecting progressive structure of prize pool distribution.

It's worth mentioning that Premier Punt points’ scoring system and the number of football players in lineups vary depending on tournament length. 11 players, lined up in 4-4-2, 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 formations are used in weekly and daily tournaments, while only 5 players are drafted for single match games. Managers get £100.00 million to spend on their teams in weekly and daily tournaments. Meanwhile, players do not have any value in single game tournaments, so any five footballers can be drafted.

It’s much simpler in single match tournaments:

Payment Services

VISA, MasterCard and Skrill systems are available for balance top-up on Premier Punt. The upper deposit limit can be set.


Premier Punt shows high responsibility when it comes to registration process as it informs its users of eventual risks. You will need to fill in personal details, including address, and accept the terms and conditions of the platform’s use.

After filling in all the fields and pressing SIGN ME UP button the system will offer you to follow the link, sent to the e-mail provided during registration, in order to activate your account. It will also notify that the account will be fully activated during 48 hours after manual check of the application. Once the check is completed, you will be able to play for real money.

Upon the first entry to the lobby you will see an additional warning about eventual risks and the link to Premier Punt terms and conditions. You will be required to click the YES, I AGREE WITH THIS button to begin playing.

The Platform’s offers

Tournaments with guaranteed prize pool

Premier Punt offers quite generous guaranteed tournaments for such a young platform with modest audience. Every tour of the EPL there are guaranteed tournaments available with the prizes of £200.00 (£20.00 buy-in), £350.00 (£5.00 buy-in) and £150.00 (£10.00 buy-in).


Every week there are single match tournaments’ freerolls on Premier Punt with £25.00 prize pool.


Premier Punt’s interface is quite odd for a Daily Fantasy platform and requires a closer look. Managers can get all information about upcoming tournaments in the DASHBOARD tab. Time remaining to the beginning of a competition, as well as step-by-step instruction of the tournament entry are displayed at the top of the screen.

The list of matches and leagues, available for games on Premier Punt platform follows. The only available filter is by tournament length (single game, daily, weekly). The list displays single games, match days and entire tours instead of the tournaments. The last column called Challenges displays the number of tournaments available for the event and current prize pool of these tournaments. For example, the figures 6/£27.90 mean that the chosen event offers 6 tournaments, while their total prize pool equals £27.90 at the moment.

There are several limitations in the lobby. First of all, upon clicking one of the filtering buttons (Single Games, Daily Games, Weekly Games), you will only be able to get back to the entire list of the tournaments by refreshing the page. Secondly, the event list begins with the ones that have already passed, and you need to scroll down to find the upcoming ones. There is no filtering by past or future events. Third, you can only find out which tournaments, including their buy-ins, are available for the event by choosing it and clicking the CHOOSE YOUR BATTLE tab. All this is quite inconvenient and requires getting used to.

By clicking on the event the manager gets to lineup selection page on the PICK A TEAM tab. Footballers have no value in single match tournaments and you can draft any five players under the condition that your squad will have at least one player from each team. The i-marked circle provides information about the player’s status and his availability for the match. Everything is standard in this section – the player is set to miss the game if the circle is red. The figures to the left from the players indicate the points scored in recent games. Upon mousing over the figures you will see the matches, related to the points scored by the player. Three teams can be drafted all in all.

After picking the lineup/lineups, you will need to proceed to the CHOOSE YOUR BATTLE tab, containing the list of the tournaments available for the event. A tournament is then selected, one of the three lineups is picked and the YES PLEASE, I WANT TO PLAY button is clicked. The tournament entry process varies significantly from other Daily Fantasy platforms, but can be adapted to with time.

There are no filtering problems in daily and weekly tournaments, where you need to pick an 11-man squad. The players’ list can be sorted out by position, club, statistical data and price. Upon clicking the price button in the table players can be sorted by ascending/descending value. There is information about the players’ injury and disciplinary status, as well as the interactive indicator of remaining budget.

Apart from the list of events with available tournaments, the lobby contains the list of the user’s active tournaments and tournament history. There is also the FIXTURES section, displaying the latest results and the TABLE section with comprehensive information about the English Premier League’s table.

There is a pop-up chat in the right bottom corner of the screen, where you can ask any questions about the platform.

Next to the DASHBOARD tab in the main menu you will see the HOW TO PLAY tab, containing comprehensive information about Premier Punt Daily Fantasy platform. Here you will find detailed tournament rules, points’ scoring systems, payout structure and additional explanations regarding disputable situations such as equal points scored.

There is also a blog on Premier Punt platform, but it is not updated often, putting it lightly.

The ACCOUNT tab is pretty much classic: deposit/withdrawal functions, personal information page, password change form, transactions history, tournaments history, account access block page and limit setting page.


- unorthodox single match tournaments;

- global availability.


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